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Big Brother B

This is the Situation


Bernard Steward, aka Big Brother B hosts
'This is the Situation' radio, Muskegon MI

“Family, family, this is your Big Brother B coming to you live from the podcast radio show ‘This is the Situation.’  What’s the situation? Mad, Glad, Sad, Hurt, Ashamed or Afraid? Man,we need to get it together. Because you see some folks are ashamed for the things they’ve said or the things they’ve done. So, if we get our emotions together, and we try to take self-accountability for the things that we’ve done and said that have caused problems within the universe we can correct them. So, it’s very important to be in tune with your emotions. I want everybody to keep it locked. Stay here, because we’re gonna talk about some interesting things today…”

I had a great conversation with long time Peluso mic user Big Brother B, aka Bernard Steward. I’m so excited to welcome Bernard into the Peluso community, especially after seeing the way he engages with his local community. Wherever you stand on the issues that are confronting our communities, the first step in healing is an open dialog. A dialog open to being vulnerable, that listens, that is not afraid to step out of the comfort zone. One that engages with our emotions as it works to unpack them. A dialog that takes the time to listen to the perspectives of others. Brother B brings an honest, open, and human approach to his program. He deals with many important issues confronting his community. In one program he works to help the African American community understand and take advantage of local hospice care as they confront end of life decisions for their loved ones. Recently as BLM issues have rocked the nation Brother B has been confronting the strong emotions on all sides of this issue.  Being brave and vulnerable enough to confront the roots your emotions while holding space to listen to other's perspective. All the while, holding fast to a position that violence and vandalism are not the solution and will never lead to resolution of these conflicts.

Brother B’s profession is based on his voice, and he is committed to bringing his voice to his listeners in the biggest fullest way possible. Whether online or broadcasting on the air in Muskegon MI, the first component in his signal chain is a Peluso microphone. In 2018 he got his first Peluso, the PS-1, and had a couple years of great service and big sound. Recently he moved to a P-414 and loves the fullness, detail, and intimacy of the sound, as well as the versatility of the 4 polar patterns. We are as proud to have the P-414 be part of the signal chain bringing Big Brother B’s big voice to his community as we are to have Brother B in our community!



"When I’m in the studio recording, the only microphone that I want in front of me is my Peluso.
I am so excited about this new P-414 from Peluso Microphone.
If you want good quality, good sound, and a beautiful microphone. Step into the next generation of sound, Peluso Microphone Lab a proud supporter of 'This is the situation' radio podcast show"

-Big Brother B



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