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Gerardo Diwa



"Current favorite (for the last 3 years) are Peluso R14 pair on drum overheads, just smooth and balanced drum sound, very natural and pleasing, minimal ear piercing from cymbals :-D - and gets a really wide and TALL sound (I have 23' ceilings in my studio)

I loved my Peluso 22 47 LE but couldn't afford it at the time, it was my personal favorite and beats the u87 easily but clients preferred the u87 for the badge."
-Gerry D

Gerardo Diwa at Sound Weavers Recording Studio, Manila:

Gerardo Diwa, or Gerry D, is a full time music producer, sound engineer and musician based in Philippines. Has traveled and played internationally. Analog recording experience in the 90s. Digital recording pioneer with Yamaha 02R. Now successfuly and happily blending digital + analog.



Gerardo Diwa

Gerardo Diwa
Gerardo Diwa's R14
Gerardo Diwa's R14


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Gerardo Diwa on Facebook

Sound Weavers Recording Studio
Sound Weaver Recording Studio

Here's a track recorded with 47 on vocals:

Here are some videos showing the Peluso r14 on drum overheads:

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