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"I have read hundreds of interviews with producers and engineers talking about their "go-to" microphone. I never understood that concept until I picked up my Peluso 2247 LE."

"In the fourteen years I have been into audio production I have owned and used dozens of microphones. My 2247 LE is the most honest of the bunch. It rarely sees the inside of the mic cabinet while I am in session."
-Jerod Jacobs


JEROD JACOBS is an eclectic producer and engineer who works with all genres of music including audio for theatre and film. With a creative and open mind and ear, he focuses on carving out a unique sound for every project by concentrating on dynamics, instrumentation, arrangement, and making the artist feel comfortable in their creative environment.

Supported by a talented, knowledgeable, and resourceful network of musicians, composers, and artists he offers endless possibilities of creation. As an accomplished engineer and artist in his own right, he understands and firmly believes in building the appropriate environment in which to capture the time, emotion, and message of each project.

SIX FOOT KITTEN is a talented and dynamic grout of creative freelance artists managed by producer Jerod Jacobs

As a media consultant, they assist businesses, artists, record labels, and filmmakers in finding their identity by arranging workflow and choreographing teams of artists to sculpt audio, video, animation, and web projects that are individual to their clients for promotional use or entertainment.

From unconventional to modern, outrageos to simple, 6FK offers complete composition and design of custom media projects. From the first sketches and illustrations to the final production, always appropriate, and always personal.






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