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Rafael A. Pirela S.
Rafael Pirela

Rafael is a Venezuelan born Recording / Mix Engineer.

His credits include some of the most important Artist Names in his country in a wide variety of music styles like: Ulises Hadjis "three time Latin Grammy Nominee", Tecupae, Nauta, Sanluis and the "Latin Grammy Winner / Nominee" Mónica Rodriguez to name few.

A big passion for audio gear has lead him into the development and modification of much of his audio equipment, a large variety of recording gear includes microphones, guitars, classic tubes amplifiers and a massive collection of stomp boxes "His Sonic Tools".

His creative personality, added to his constant search of sonic perfection leads to a strong musical approach to the record making process.

The unique combination of musicality, technical knowledge, creativity and equipment makes him an in demand Recording / Mix Engineer in his country.

22 47 SE on Vocals & CEMC-6 on Acoustic Guitar
Robert Rangel - Hey Mira

CEMC-6 on Timbal, Shaker, Wira
Tecupae - Dame un Besito
Latin Gramy Nominee 2013 Best Tropical Fusion Album

CEMC-6 used on the Acoustic Guitars
Monica - Encontre Su Amor
Latin Gramy Nominee 2013 Best Christian Album in Spanish Language

CEMC-6 on mid-side (mid mic) on violin in this song:
Monica - Mi Dios Grande

Here is an example of a string ensamble recorded in Mid-Side using the CEMC-6 as the Mid mic:
RAPI MidSide String DEMO Peluso CEMC-6 Mid Mic




'I own and love my Peluso CEMC-6 stereo pair. I use them in my records on guitars, strings (as a mid mic on mid-side), brass, percussion, drum overheads, cymbals."








Peluso Microphopnes
Peluso CEMC-6SK Peluso 22 47 SE





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