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Chad Brown with Peluso P-12



“Got the Peluso P-414 due to a fierce love of the 70s and looking for something to add to my arsenal (my first really 'good' mic) - and not just go for a 47 right away.  I use 3 mics in my personal studio consistently, an old 70s AKG D190e dynamic which is super quirky and dry, a cascade fathead ribbon for darker stuff and the peluso for just about everything else - which has become mostly everything these days.  Love it on acoustic, love it on vocals.  It's got hi end but good hi end - and it's easily tamable with a helios style EQ if you want it to be more of that vibe too.  Not to mention it's gotta be the coolest looking mic I've seen In a while.  Secret weapon on guitars and wurly.  Everything just feels like it's jumping out of the speakers in the best way.  ”
-Steve Stout


Solo artist as well as one half of ØZWALD, Lifehouse guitarist.  Self/produced/mixed DIY Indie/Psych/Folk.  Here to sing about places I've been and people I've seen.  (New Jersey->Boston->LA->Nashville).  Co-Owner of ALLSWELL Records

Steve Stout 'The Hitching Post' Live recorded with the P-414

Peluso MicrophopnesPeluso P-414


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