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Mastering Mansion Pro Audio is perhaps the only importer/distributor dedicated exclusively to High Quality Professional Audio that exists in Spain. Since its beginnings as a distributor 14 years ago, Mastering Mansion Pro Audio has had a single goal: to make the best audio equipment on the planet known and accessible to as many engineers, producers, studios and musicians as possible in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America. At that time, we started exclusively importing only 3 companies. Today there are already more than 90 and many more with shared distribution.

Our extensive experience as Mastering engineers (and before that, recording and mixing) in countries like England supports us when we affirm that the growth of the Music Industry and the increase in its sound quality are closely related to the quality of the tools used. by their engineers. That is why we decided to bet on bringing the Spanish client (and increasingly the rest of Europe and America) closer to the only and exclusively high-quality team, trying to help the Spanish industry take on the challenge of growing to levels where which are the most advanced sound industries, such as the English, German or North American, for which it is necessary – among other things – to be able to distinguish between real quality and marketing inventions.

At Mastering Mansion Pro Audio we are moved by sound quality and musicality above all else, and we are dedicated advocates of good service: personalized, cordial and human treatment, knowing that each client (musician, producer, engineer, studio) has different needs . without masks or expensive suits. we are not sellers. If we don’t like a team, we say so and argue, based on our experience. We recommend to our clients the equipment that we really believe is the best option for each one of them and that is within their economic possibilities. although sometimes we cannot offer them to you!

And, We are Peluso microphone experts!

Mastering Mansion Pro Audio
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