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In Brazil, AT ProAudio is a leader in the professional audio segment with 30 years of experience and an official distributor of Peluso Microphones.
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Vintage King

Online Pro Audio Dealer with showrooms in Los Angeles, CA and Nashville, TN. Vintage King is a premier dealer of Peluso microphones and runs a dedicated listening room for customers to hear and compare microphones. Contact the LA or Nashville showroom to schedule a time to demo Peluso microphones.
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KMR Audio Germany

KMR Audio Germany is the distributor for Peluso microphones in Europe.
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Electori Co., Ltd.

In Japan, Electori Co., Ltd. is a premier pro-audio dealer. They are also Peluso microphone experts!
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JD Solution Co., Ltd.

In Korea, JD Solution provides top-level audio/video equipment and solutions. JD Solution are Peluso microphone experts!
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Canadian Audio Distributors

Canadian Audio Distributors are distributors for Peluso microphones in Canada.
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Sound Pure

Pro Audio Dealer in Durham, North Carolina, and Online
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Musos Corner

In Australia, Musos Corner is the regional distributor for Peluso microphones.
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ZenPro Audio

In Orangeburg, South Carolina, ZenPro Audio provides an online store. ZenPro Audio has extensive experience with Peluso microphones. Explore their ‘Clip-A-Lator’ for audio samples and comparisons.
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Front End Audio

Front End Audio is run by people who love pro audio equipment – period. Our main purpose is to help our customers find the right gear the first time. Nobody knows Peluso Microphones better!
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In North London, KMR Audio has a both an impressive online store and a ‘head spinningly dazzling’ showroom. They are Peluso microphone experts!
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Mitzlol Sound & Production Ltd

In Israel, Mitzlol Sound & Production Ltd offers a full range of pro-audio service to the Tel-Aviv community. They are experts in Peluso microphones!