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In Orange, CT, Calistro Music is a pro audio store with an onsite demo studio. Calistro proudly sells Peluso microphones!
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Urban Recording

Urban Recording is a pro audio dealer located in Miami, Florida.
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Pretty Sound Corporation

In China, Pretty Sound Corporation is the regional distributor for Peluso microphones.
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Tidepool Audio

In Portland, Oregon, Tidepool Audio has sold & rented quality pro audio equipment to people who appreciate good sound since 2003. And in Oregon there’s no sales tax no matter where you live! The Tidepool sales team are Peluso experts!
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In Thailand, Sukosol carries a wide array of pro audio equipment. Sukosol KEC proudly provides Peluso microphones to the Thailand community!
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K K Internationals

In India, K K Internationals supplies studio equipment & professional audio-visual gear from top international brands. We are Peluso microphone experts!
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ACR Direct

In Switzerland, ACR Direct is your source for quality audio online. And, we are Peluso microphone experts!
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Mastering Mansion Pro Audio

In Spain, Mastering Mansion is perhaps the only distributor dedicated exclusively to Professional Audio. And, we are Peluso microphone experts!
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BeARcade Music Production

In Port Republic, Virginia, BeARcade can help you test drive the microphones from John’s stock of large and small diameter condenser mics and ribbon mics.
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MJ Audio Lab

In Poland, MJ Audio Lab sells the highest-class studio equipment from niche brands with an international reputation. And, we are Peluso microphone experts!
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Rocket Music

In Blacksburg VA, at Rocket Music we strive to always offer the best deals, expertise, and service possible, and we truly love what we do. We proudly sell Peluso microphones!
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Studio Guys

The Netherlands source for getting your studio equipped with all the right pro-audio gear. The Studio Guys are Peluso microphone experts!