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Musician’s Friend

Musician’s Friend Website 877-513-9720 Musician’s Friend was founded in 1983 by Rob and DeAnna Eastman. Newly married, the Eastmans financed the start-up with a $5,000 loan from Rob’s parents and
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Westlake Professional Sales

In Los Angeles, Westlake Pro is an iconic pro audio supplier and studio designer based. The Westlake sales team are Peluso microphone experts!
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Guitar Center

Guitar Center is one of the biggest pro-audio dealers in the US, and they proudly carry Peluso microphones! With nearly 300 USA locations, you can visit the Guitar Center website to find a location near you.
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Atlas Pro Audio

Atlas Pro Audio is an online retailer located in Ruskin, Florida.
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Alto Music

In New York, Alto Music is pro audio dealer with 3 location, Brooklyn, Dutchess County, & Middletown.
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Pitbull Audio

We carry over 40,000 products, from over 600 different manufacturers. With our main warehouse located on-site, we have what you want in stock and ready to take home today!
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Sonic Circus

In Townshend, Vermont, Since 1996, Sonic Circus has worked with all aspects of audio production. The team at Sonic Circus are Peluso microphone experts.
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Rock N Roll Rentals

In Austin Texas, Rock N Roll Rentals has a large selection of Peluso microphone available to rent. Rock N Roll Rentals gives Austin’s music scene access to high end pro audio equipment.
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RSPE Audio Solutions

In Hollywood, RSPE serves the pro audio needs of the motion picture industry. They are also Peluso Microphone experts!
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Odyssey Pro Sound

In Massachusetts, Odyssey is a pro audio retailer who strives to treat each person with honesty and integrity. They are also Peluso experts!
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Apex Audio

Apex Audio provides pro audio equipment design and supply services to presentation venues. Apex Audio is a Peluso microphone expert!
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Pi Audio Design / The Mic Locker

The MicLocker.com delivers timely state-of-the-art stage and studio microphones and accessories. Microphones can be rented individually, in groups, or packages with daily, weekly, or monthly rates. Call for one or send us your rider … we’ve got your back!