The Peluso Community

Our community of artists, engineers, studios and friends have been busy putting our microphones through their paces. We are proud of all the great work they have done with Peluso microphones.  Take some time to explore their stories!
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Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

22 251 Icon
I love the peluso mic! I just finished my album The Kid - which I used that mic for all of the vocals.
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Jeff Laurence

P-12 Icon
Jeff Laurence uses his P-12 to capture his familiar voice that is heard on over 120 great radio and television stations worldwide.
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Aron Magner

P-84 Icon
"I’ve been hearing wonderful things about Peluso from peers and have decided to jump head first in the deep end. I was lucky enough during all of 2020 to borrow a friend’s vintage 414’s and KM 84’s for my home piano and am now looking to replace that setup with Peluso’s."... and after setting up his Peluso P-84s: "Worked exactly as we had hoped!" - Aron Magner
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Domenic Sabol & Tympanic Media

22 47 SE Icon
For the 22 47 SE, I kind of cheated and put in NOS RCA tube, making it a 22 47 LE, in effect. I am fortunate enough to have a small stockpile of these old tubes, and found that the microphone sounds great with either the factory Peluso tube or any number of NOS tubes. The microphone performs fantastically on vocals, acoustic guitar, cello, saxophone, you name it. It has a rich and warm bottom that isn't hyped, and enough detail and character in the top end to completely avoid any unnecessary processing after the fact.
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Tanner Kinney

P-414 Icon
I’ve for years been specifically requesting and tracking down vintage 414eb’s when building out mic packages and when I finally discovered the Peluso P-414 it was too good to be true. Peluso nailed the classic sound while also boasting an incredible build quality, a true workhorse that’s extremely road worthy. - Tanner Kinney
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Matt Weston and Swamp Songs

P-12 Icon
"This is, hands down, my favourite mic! Every time I use this mic on lead vocals I am just so happy with the result. I run this through a Rupert Neve Designs Shelford Channel, and with just a little EQ and compression on the way in, I end up with a finished sounding vocal. Just add reverb."
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Red Wing Roots Music Festival

PS-1 Icon
We couldn't be more proud to support Red Wing Roots' work in bringing live music to our community for over a decade!
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Hubert Radzikowski

P-47 SS Icon
"KMR Berlin sent me P-280 and P-47 SS for tests.  P-280 great but too modern for me but P-47 SS? ... Holy Grail! I'm delighted. Of course it's mine already! Ready to mix machine. Powerful with a beautiful satin upper band. I am in love! :) For the wheezing Polish language it is an absolute revelation.  Thanks guys."
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Eric Wiggs

P-87 Icon
“I love my Peluso microphones. My P-87 and P-414 are used on almost every session I track and my PS-1 is now my go to stage vocal mic. Peluso mics are the perfect combo of vintage vibe and modern performance!” - Eric Wiggs
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Jack Douglas

22 47 SE Icon
"My Peluso 22 47 SE and one of my pair of 67's. These are absolutely true to the originals, only new. Kind of a "time warp" thing. They sound amazing! They were a big part of this new Aerosmith album I just produced and I plan on them being a big part of everything else I do. Thanks John," -Jack Douglas
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Peluso Microphone Lab is a sponsor for two of the coolest programs at the best local festival anywhere, FloydFest! We sponsor the On-The-Rise program with a generous microphone give-away to the top two bands each year. We also sponsor and are the featured microphones for the FloydFest Bus Stop Sessions.
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Markus Dravs

22 47 SE Icon
'The 2247SE delivers me clean, warm presence both on vocals and instruments … as well as preserving body and depth … love it !!' -Markus Dravs

♦ We are still in the process of rebuilding our community pages.  As we reach out to our friends we are looking to update these pages with their recent accomplishments.  If you are a Peluso microphone user we'd love to include you here too, Some of our existing members have been using their Peluso mics for quite some time, check back soon as we continue to update their profiles. ♦