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I think that we had made only three or four videos before I reached out to Peluso Microphone Lab and asked them to be the title sponsor for our series. I was actually pretty shocked when they said yes! Since then, we’ve worked to earn their trust and to make a series worthy of bearing their name. As I write this, we’ve posted 75 videos and the series remains one of my favorite creative outlets. The team at Peluso is talented beyond measure and they could not have been more generous and supportive.


My name is Steven Foxbury and I have been playing music most of my life. It has been a lifelong obsession that has only grown with time. I’ve had some modest success as a songwriter: record/publishing deals, a couple songs on the radio and my work has been featured in film, television, and commercials.

Since launching Yellow Couch Studio in 2013, it’s morphed from a tiny basement recording studio, into the (tiny basement) home of Yellow Couch Sessions, a video series that I produce with my good bud Matt Dayak. It’s also home to Yellow Couch Management, which is mostly how I spend my time these days. As such, I’m not generally able to take on commercial projects in the studio, but damned if I don’t miss it.

I love the stuffing out of the folks that I work with and still feel happy every time I walk into this place.

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— Steve

The team at Peluso have let me use a number of their microphones and below are some videos that I believe really let the mics shine:

I’ve owned my 22 47 SE for nearly six years and I love this microphone. Its warmth and rich character are tough to beat:

The P-12 has been so much fun to use, that I actually purchased the demo model that they sent. When it comes to vocals, it’s always a shootout between this and the 47. You can cover an insane amount of ground between these two mics:

The P-49. Man, this mic sniffs out so much incredible low-end magic. On the right voice, it’s so, so great and it’s also my favorite drum overhead:

The Vacuum Tube Bottle ‘VTB’ (currently discontinued): The way that this microphone takes a vocal and drops it directly into a mix is pretty mind-boggling. We were able to use it a fair amount during last year’s Three Rivers Arts Festival. Man, I miss that mic!

The P-84: Since Pelsuo sent me this matched pair of small diaphragm condensers, they have been my go-to for anything with strings on it. Nearly every acoustic guitar, violin and/or cello that we’ve featured has had a P-84 pointed at it:

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