22 47 SE

Vacuum Tube Large Diaphragm Condenser

The Peluso 22 47 SE 'Standard Edition' is styled after the legendary Neumann U 47. Manufactured in the 1950s and 60s, the revolutionary sensitivity of the U 47 brought extraordinary detail to recorded sound. 

Remembered for its use by artists from Frank Sinatra to the Beatles, it is perhaps the most well known microphone of all time. This mic is an excellent choice for wide range of applications, from rock drums and guitar amps, to brass instruments and vocals. The SE is built with the highest quality modern components and designed to perform as the U 47 did when it was new. The U 47 was designed around its Telefunken steel-covered tube, and the SE employs the steel 6SJ7 tube, a modern sonic equivalent to the vintage VF14. The SE brings all of the subtlety of tone, detail, and character of a vintage  U 47 combined with the reliability and quiet noise floor required in the modern recording environment.

  • Large Diaphragm Condenser
  • Center Terminated Capsule
  • Steel 6SJ7 Vacuum Tube Amplifier Stage
  • Custom Wound Output Transformer
  • 9-Polar Patterns

MSRP $2,705 USD

Microphone kit comes as a complete system including:

  • 22 47 SE Microphone
  • Wood Microphone Box
  • Power Supply
  • 8-Pin Screw-on Cable Assembly
  • Shock Mount
  • Locking Padded Flight Case
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22 47 SE Gallery

A closer look

22 47 SE Front
22 47 SE Side
22 47 SE Back
22 47 SE Inside Split
22 47 Shock Mounted
22 47 SE Hard Mounted
22 47 SE Full Kit
22 47 SE connector
22 47 SE Wood Box
8-Pin Cable
    22 47 SE Front
    22 47 SE Side
    22 47 SE Back
    22 47 SE Inside Split
    22 47 Shock Mounted
    22 47 Se Hard Mounted
    22 47 SE Full Kit
    22 47 SE connector
    22 47 SE Wood Box
    8-Pin Cable


      A few details that make the SE so special

      22 47 SE Tube Mic Conector
      Heavy-duty medical grade 8-pin screw-on connector and cable system
      22 47 SE 5693 / 6SJ8 Tube
      5693 / 6SJ7  tube steel jacketed vacuum tube. Replacement and spare tubes can be ordered here: 5693 / 6SJ7 Tube
      22 47 SE Capsule
      34mm Center-terminated condenser capsule
      22 47 LE Board
      Hand-built through-hole soldered circuit board.
      22 47 SE Transformer
      Custom wound output transformer
      Peluso Tube Mic Power Supply
      Power supply unit controls 9 indexed polar patterns, included. Replacements can be purchased here: MX-56
      8-Pin Cable

      Our 20' Heavy Duty 8-pin Connector Cable comes with microphone purchase. Replacement cable can be ordered here: 8-Pin Cable

      22 47 SE Vintage Style Pop Filter
      The 47/49 Pop Filter is a popular accessory with this microphone.  A good pop filter will keep the capsule clean and reduce plosives.
      22 47 SE Hard Mount
      The Peluso Hard Mount is a popular accessory with this microphone.  A hard mount is easy to use and firmly secures your 22 47 SE to the mic stand.

        22 47 SE Technical Info

        Detailed specifications

        22 47 SE Frequency Response

        22 47 SE Frequency Response Graph

        22 47 SE Technical Data

        • Capsule Type: Condenser Pressure Gradient w/ 34mm, center terminated
        • Frequency Range: 20Hz/22Khz
        • Polar Pattern: 9 - Switchable from omni- to bi-directional
        • Sensitivity: 12 mv/pa
        • Impedance: 200 ohms
        • SPL: 140 dB
        • Equivalent Noise: 16 dB(A)
        • Tube Type: 6SJ7 (Steel Tube)
        • Power Requirements: Dedicated Power Supply, 115V or 230V AC
        • Size: 59.5mm x 235mm
        • Weight: 855g


        Our community of artists, engineers, and reviewers have been busy putting the 22 47 SE through its paces. We present the following content to help you better understand the unique nature of this microphone.

        22 47 SE YouTube Playlist

        The 22 47 SE was used on the following sources in this playlist: Foggy Morning Breaking - Alison Brown's banjo & Chris Eldridge's guitar; Jack Douglas used the 22 47 SE to record vocals for Aerosmith's Legendary Child and for Michael Monroe's Trick of the Wrist; Lake Street Dive - backing vocals; Sarah Lee Guthrie - a cappella vocal; Cait & the Critters - female vocal; Sean Rowe - male vocal; Birds of Chicago - backing vocals & 'paper snare'; Jeffrey Martin - male vocal; Lindsey Lou - guitarist's backing vocals; Jon Langford - violin; Sam Amidon - male vocal; Accidentals - male backing vocal; Anderson East - male vocal; Forlorn Strangers - keyboardist's backing vocal; Grant Lee Phillips - male vocal; Water Seed - room claps; Amber Morning Sky - Josh Wolfe's lead vocal; 
        Click the YouTube Playlist Icon in the frame to expand to see all the videos of the playlist.

        YouTube Playlist Icon Small
        Playlist: Peluso 22 47 SE

        Spotify 22 47 LE Playlist

        This is a collection of fully produced songs on Spotify that employ the Peluso 22 47 SE.
        It was used for the following:

        • Legendary Child: Vocals
        • Steal The Night Away: Vocals
        • Old Yellow Moon: Drum Overheads
        • Trick of the Wrist: Male Vocal
        • Sojourn of a Burning Sun: Guitar

        SoundCloud Content Samples

        SoundCloud Icon

        These SoundCloud samples provided here are intended to provide examples of the selected microphone in use on specific sources and vocals. Some samples are provided both inside a mix and as isolated raw tracks. These samples are available for high resolution download to be experienced within your own listening environment and signal chain. We give credit and thanks to the artists who have provided these! If you find this helpful and have a sample you'd like to include please contact us!


        RECording Magazine Logo

        The mic delivers a lovely, clean, airy sound: there is certainly no obvious lack of top end but, equally, there is no harshness or falseness there either. So many capacitor mics seem to deliver an excess of high frequencies, often tainted by a kind of resonance that can grate over time. The 2247 retains the typical vintage character that provides enough brightness but without overdoing it — similar to a good ribbon in many ways, only more so.
        -Hugh Robjohns, Sound On Sound 9-2007


        Headliner Magazine Logo

        Using the 22 47SE was rewarding. It sounds just like the world's best U47, but without the unpredictable nature of those old mics. I found it could take hotter vocal levels with less distortion than an old U47 and, at the same time, exhibit a lower noise floor. That's helpful when digging out quiet vocal bits later in the mix.
        -Barry Rudolph, Mix Magazine, 2008

        Cut Sheet

        P-280 Cut Sheet

        A one sheet .pdf you can save and share with the full description, features, and specification of this microphone.


        Peluso Brochure

        A .pdf brochure you can save and share containing cut sheets for all of the microphones we produce.