Vacuum Tube Large Diaphragm Condenser

We started designing the P-28 by looking at two of the very best early tube SDC microphones.

The P-28 recreates the low-end performance of the 1955 AKG C 28, while bringing the high-end qualities of the 1954 Neumann KM 54. Employing a sub-miniature triode tube similar the KM 54s, brings a smooth quiet warmth. Inspired by the C 28, we used an easily removable head grill protecting a swappable capsule. The provided cardioid capsule can be exchanged for other polar patterns capsules. The P-28 meets the modern demand for an ultra-quiet noise floor while delivering the warmth and character of these revered vintage microphones. This is accomplished with a FET amplifier stage prior to the tube amplifier stage. This hybrid FET-tube combination delivers just what we were looking for; the quiet and reliability of a FET with the warmth and character of a tube! At the output stage we of course use a custom transformer to provide reliable balanced signal.
This unique FET-tube SCD is one of the best sounding SCD microphones made in any time period. Put it up on drum overheads, on any stringed instrument, or in a Decca Tree with an orchestra to find out why engineers say this is one of the best microphones of our entire line.

  • Small Diaphragm Condenser
  • Edge Terminated Capsule
  • 5744-WB Vacuum Tube Amplifier Stage
  • Custom Wound Output Transformer
  • Alternate Polar Patterns with Optional Capsules

MSRP $1,528 USD

Microphone kit comes as a complete system including:

  • P-28 Microphone
  • Wood Microphone Box
  • Power Supply
  • 8-Pin Screw-on Cable Assembly
  • Shock Mount
  • Locking Padded Flight Case
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P-280 Open Top

P-28 Gallery

A closer look

P-28 Front
P-28 Side
P-28 Back
P-28 Inside Split
P-28 Shock Mount
P-28 Split Top
P-28 Split Top
P-28 Full Kit
P-28 connector
P-28 Wood Box
8-Pin Cable
    P-28 Front
    P-28 Side
    P-28 Back
    P-28 Inside Split
    P-28 Shock Mounted
    P-28  Inside Top
    P-28  Axon
    P-28 Full Kit
    P-28 Wood Box
    8-Pin Cable


      A few details that make the P-28 so special

      P-28 Conector
      Heavy-duty medical grade 8-pin screw-on connector and cable system
      P-28 Tube
      Vintage 5744 WB glass sub miniature vacuum tube. Replacement and spare tubes can be ordered here: 5744WB Tube.  Early P-28 models with Sn below 600 use a glass 6J1-B-Q eight lead pentode sub-miniature tube.
      P-28 Capsule
      18mm Edge-terminated condenser capsule with cardioid polar pattern included with microphone.
      P-28 Capsule
      Removable small diameter condenser capsule can be exchanged with alternate capsules.
      P-28 Capsule
      Omni-directional pattern capsules are available upon special request.
      P-28 Transformer
      Custom wound output transformer
      Peluso Tube Mic Power Supply
      MX-56 Power supply unit included. For those with Peluso multi-pattern tube mics, those power supplies will power the single pattern P-28 if set to cardioid pattern.
      8-Pin Cable

      Our 20' Heavy Duty 8-pin Connector Cable comes with microphone purchase. Replacement cable can be ordered here: 8-Pin Cable

        P-28 Technical Info

        Detailed specifications

        P-28 Frequency Response

        P-28 Frequency Response Graph

        P-28 Technical Data

        • Capsule Type: Condenser Pressure Gradient w/ 18mm, edge terminated
        • Frequency Range: 20Hz/24Khz
        • Polar Pattern: Cardioid (Omni available - Special Order)
        • Sensitivity: 11 mv/pa
        • Impedance: 200 ohms
        • SPL: 141 dB
        • Equivalent Noise: 15 dB(A)
        • Tube Type: EF 732
        • Power Requirements: Dedicated Power Supply, 115V or 230V AC
        • Size: 28mm x 184mm
        • Weight: 300g


        Our community of artists, engineers, and reviewers have been busy putting the P-28 through its paces. We present the following content to help you better understand the unique nature of this microphone.

        P-28 YouTube Playlist

        The P-28 was used on the following sources in this playlist: Lake Street Dive - acoustic guitar; Upstate Rubdown - mandolin; Birds of Chicago - J.T.'s lead acoustic guitar; Jeffery Martin - acoustic guitar; Anna Tivel - acoustic guitar; Nora Jane Struthers - acoustic guitar; Water Seed - acoustic guitar; Josh Wolfe - acoustic guitar; AHI - acoustic guitar; Sidewalk Chalk - acoustic guitar. Notice a trend here? Yes the P-28 is an amazing microphone on acoustic guitar!
        Click the YouTube Playlist Icon in the frame to expand to see all the videos of the playlist.

        YouTube Playlist Icon Small
        Playlist: Peluso P-28

        SoundCloud Content Samples

        SoundCloud Icon
        Follow the link for the PML P-28 Playlist

        These SoundCloud samples are intended to provide examples of the selected microphone in use on specific sources and vocals. Some samples are provided both inside a mix and as isolated raw tracks. These samples are available for high resolution download to be experienced within your own listening environment and signal chain. We give credit and thanks to the artists who have provided these! If you find this helpful and have a sample you'd like to include please contact us!


        RECording Magazine Logo

        he Peluso P-28 excels on most string instruments, especially acoustic guitar, alone or in a stereo X/Y set up. Speaking as a percussionist, I love the full, open dimensionality of the P-28 on djembe, cajón, congas, klong-yaw (google it), doumbek, and tabla. It also excels in pairs for drum overhead duties, offering a full, rich capture of the kit with gentle cymbal control. As a spaced pair on drum overheads, the P-28 provides a large diaphragm condenser sound, but with the focus that a small diaphragm mic offers, so much so that I quite enjoyed a single P-28 as a mono drum overhead.
        -Paul Vnuk Jr., RECording Magazine 5-2020


        Tape Op Logo

        Next I set it up for some acoustic guitar work with my Taylors. I was actually very much amazed. I actually heard things I hadn't heard before while playing and recording my guitars, including the most annoying moving of my lips. That aside, this mic sounds wonderful on my guitars. I wish I had two to use. Full-bodied tone and no boom, even on the dreadnought. Nice, clear, bright highs. But smooth, not brittle.
        -Henry Robinett, Tape Op Issue #59, 6-2007

        Cut Sheet

        P-28 Cut Sheet

        A one sheet .pdf you can save and share with the full description, features, and specification of this microphone.


        Peluso Brochure

        A .pdf brochure you can save and share containing cut sheets for all of the microphones we produce.