Vacuum Tube Large Diaphragm Condenser

The P-280 delivers an ultra-high resolution signal, crystal clear low noise-floor and vacuum tube warmth. The perfect combination for today’s demanding recording environments.
The P-280 employs our unique tube/FET combination amplifier stage to achieve the quietest noise-floor we’ve ever encountered in a tube microphone. The miniature pentode tube keeps the circuit’s signal warm and pleasing, never brittle or strident. The even frequency response, crisp detail, and dead quiet noise floor bring astonishing results from almost any source. It has an assertive gain level, and easily handles very high SPL sources. A balanced output achieved through a generously sized output transformer. The body and head grille are machined brass with a sleek black finish. The new Peluso P-280, a new standard for today’s widely diverse signal chains.
  • Large Diaphragm Condenser
  • Center Terminated Capsule
  • Vacuum Tube Amplifier Stage
  • Custom Wound Output Transformer
  • 9-Polar Patterns

MSRP $2,411 USD

Microphone kit comes as a complete system including:

  • P-280 Microphone
  • Wood Microphone Box
  • Power Supply
  • 8-Pin Screw-on Cable Assembly
  • Shock Mount
  • Locking Padded Flight Case
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P-280 Open Top

P-280 Gallery

A closer look

P-280 Front
P-280 Side
P-280 Back
P-280 Inside Split
P-280 Mounted
P-280 Full Kit
8-Pin Cable
    P-280 Front
    P-280 Side
    P-280 Back
    P-280 Inside Split
    P-280 Mounted
    P-280 Full Kit
    8-Pin Cable


      A few details that make the P-280 so special

      Peluso Tube Mic Conector
      Heavy-duty medical grade 8-pin screw-on connector and cable system
      P-280 5654W Tube
      Vintage 5654W glass pentode vacuum tube. Replacement and spare tubes can be ordered here: 5654W Tube
      P-280 Capsule
      34mm Center-terminated condenser capsule
      P-280 Transformer
      Custom wound output transformer
      Peluso Tube Mic Power Supply
      Power supply unit controls 9 indexed polar patterns, included. Replacements can be purchased here: MX-56
      8-Pin Cable

      Our 20' Heavy Duty 8-pin Connector Cable comes with microphone purchase. Replacement cable can be ordered here: 8-Pin Cable

      Vintage Style Pop Filter
      The P-280 Pop Filter is a popular accessory with this microphone.  A good pop filter will keep the capsule clean and reduce plosives.

        P-280 Technical Info

        Detailed specifications

        P-280 Frequency Response

        P-280 Frequency Response Graph

        P-280 Technical Data

        • Capsule Type: Condenser Pressure Gradient w/ 34mm, center terminated
        • Frequency Range: 20Hz/20Khz
        • Polar Pattern: 9 - Switchable from omni- to bi-directional
        • Sensitivity: 27 mv/pa
        • Impedance: 200 ohms
        • SPL: 149 dB
        • Equivalent Noise: 6 dB(A)
        • Tube Type: 5654W / EF95
        • Power Requirements: Dedicated Power Supply, 115V or 230V AC
        • Size: 51mm x 205mm
        • Weight: 640g


        Our community of artists, engineers, and reviewers have been busy putting the P-280 through its paces. We present the following content to help you better understand the unique nature of this microphone.

        P-280 YouTube Playlist

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        Playlist: Peluso P-280


        RECording Magazine Logo

        "If it seems like I’m pretty excited by the Peluso P-280, I am. As much as I love vintage-flavored fare, it’s equally exciting when a respected mic manufacturer brings something new to the table. The Peluso P-280 is ultra-clean and clear with no harshness, it sounds full without being too imposing, and it pairs impeccably with the Peluso P-28."
        -Paul Vnuk, RECording Magazine


        Headliner Magazine Logo

        "There’s often a slight disparity between various condensers, but while gaining this mic up you become immediately aware of its incredibly low noise floor. I don’t own a tube mic this quiet – in fact, I’m not sure I own a mic with a lower noise floor, period."
        -Rick Dickerson, Headliner

        Cut Sheet

        P-280 Cut Sheet

        A one sheet .pdf you can save and share with the full description, features, and specification of this microphone.


        Peluso Brochure

        A .pdf brochure you can save and share containing cut sheets for all of the microphones we produce.