22 251

Vacuum Tube Large Diaphragm Condenser

The Peluso 22 251 Tube Microphone is styled after the legendary vintage ELA M 251.
Produced for Telefunken GmbH by AKG from 1960 to 1965, the ELA M 251 remains one of the rarest and most coveted of vintage microphones. While the 251 did not evolve very far from the C 12 there are a few key differences. They both employ a double-sided 34mm dual-backplate, edge-terminated gold-coated Mylar capsule and a 6072A glass triode tube. They both employ the T/14 output transformer. The circuitry differs in the way the tube grid and cathode are handled. This gives the 22 251 about 7 dB more gain than the P-12. Additionally, the head grille of the 251 is a little larger than the 12, altering the frequency response. Whether you choose the Peluso 22 251 or the P-12 you will have a microphone with the clarity, openness and top-end 'air' from these vintage legends!
  • Large Diaphragm Condenser
  • Edge Terminated Capsule
  • 6072A Vacuum Tube Amplifier Stage
  • Custom Wound Output Transformer
  • 9-Polar Patterns

MSRP $2,175 USD

Microphone kit comes as a complete system including:

  • 22 251 Microphone
  • Wood Microphone Box
  • Power Supply
  • 8-Pin Screw-on Cable Assembly
  • Shock Mount
  • Locking Padded Flight Case
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22 251 Gallery

A closer look

22 251 Front
22 251 Side
22 251 Back
22 251 Inside Split
22 251 Shock Mounted
22 251 Full Kit
22 251 connector
22 251 Wood Box
8-Pin Cable
    22 251 Front
    22 251 Side
    22 251 Back
    22 251 Inside Split
    22 251 Shock Mounted
    22 251 Full Kit
    22 251 connector
    22 251 Wood Box
    8-Pin Cable


      A few details that make the 22 251 so special

      22 251 Conector
      Heavy-duty medical grade 8-pin screw-on connector and cable system
      22 251 6072A-M Tube
      Vintage 6072A-M glass triode vacuum tube. Replacement and spare tubes can be ordered here: 6072A-M Tube
      22 251 Capsule
      34mm edge-terminated condenser capsule
      22 251 Transformer
      Custom wound output transformer
      Peluso Tube Mic Power Supply
      Power supply unit controls 9 indexed polar patterns, included. Replacements can be purchased here: MX-56
      8-Pin Cable

      Our 20' Heavy Duty 8-pin Connector Cable comes with microphone purchase. Replacement cable can be ordered here: 8-Pin Cable

      22 251 Vintage Pop
      The 22 251 Pop Filter is a popular accessory with this microphone.  A good pop filter will keep the capsule clean and reduce plosives.
      22 251 Hard Mount
      The 22 251 Hard Mount is a popular accessory with this microphone.  A hard mount is easy to use, and firmly secures your 22 251 to the mic stand.

        22 251 Technical Info

        Detailed specifications

        22 251 Frequency Response

        22 251 Frequency Response Graph

        22 251 Technical Data

        • Capsule Type: Condenser Pressure Gradient w/ 34mm, edge terminated
        • Frequency Range: 20Hz/24Khz
        • Polar Pattern: 9 - Switchable from omni- to bi-directional
        • Sensitivity: 14 mv/pa
        • Impedance: 200 ohms
        • SPL: 144 dB
        • Equivalent Noise: 12 dB(A)
        • Tube Type: 6072A
        • Power Requirements: Dedicated Power Supply, 115V or 230V AC
        • Size: 52mm x 225mm
        • Weight: 620g


        Our community of artists, engineers, and reviewers have been busy putting the 22 251 through its paces. We present the following content to help you better understand the unique nature of this microphone.

        22 251 YouTube Playlist

        The 22 251 was used on the following sources in this playlist:  Lake Street Dive - Rachel Price Vocal; Jeremy Messersmith - male vocal & ukulele; Béla Fleck & Abigail Washburn - Béla banjos; Todd Snider - guitar & male vocal; Ray Bonneville - guitar amp & male vocal; Old Yellow Moon - Emmylou & Rodney vocals; From Life's Other Side - LeeAnn Womack vocal; In Studio - lead male vocal & bass guitar amp; Girls Girls Girls - male vocal & bass clarinet; Heather Maloney - guitar & female vocal; Wildflowers - guitar & female vocal; Jefferson Hammer - guitar & male vocal; Ani DiFranco - guitar & female vocal; Eamon O'leary - bouzouki & male vocal; Charlie Parr - steel guitar & male vocal; Natalie Schlabs - guitar & female vocals; Oliver The Crow - cello & female vocal; Presley Barker - guitar & male vocal; Rebecca Todd - guitar & female vocal; Mike & Ruthy - banjo & male vocal; Crimson Ragdolls - accordion & female vocal; Amber Morning Sky - pair on drum overhead; Adam Chaffins - male vocal & bass (P-414 on base amp); Alex Lacquement - bass (high) & male vocal (with TR 14 also on bass-low) ...and many many more!
        Please note, some of the videos included here are using the the MSC - Mid-Side-Custom version of our 22 251.  The MSC microphone is identical to the standard 22 251, but with an added end-address cardioid capsule. This configuration is ideal for capturing a vocalist-instrument combination in a single phase coherent mic giving independent editing control over the vocal and instrument. 
        Click the YouTube Playlist Icon in the frame to expand to see all the videos of the playlist.

        YouTube Playlist Icon Small
        Playlist: Peluso 22 251

        Spotify 22 251 Playlist

        This is a collection of fully produced songs on Spotify that employ the Peluso 22 251.
        It was used for the following:

        • Old Yellow Moon - Vocal Emmylou & Rodney
        • From Life's Other Side - Leeanne Womack vocal
        • Lonesome River Band - male lead vocal
        • Yousef Shamoun - Arabic male vocal
        • Everybody Gets a Kitten - male vocal & ukulele
        • Be The Media - vocals & guitars
        • Rory Feek - Rory's male vocal

        SoundCloud Content Samples

        SoundCloud Icon

        These SoundCloud samples provided here are intended to provide examples of the selected microphone in use on specific sources and vocals. Some samples are provided both inside a mix and as isolated raw tracks. These samples are available for high resolution download to be experienced within your own listening environment and signal chain. We give credit and thanks to the artists who have provided these! If you find this helpful and have a sample you'd like to include please contact us!


        RECording Magazine Logo

        There is something inherently 'right' about the sound of large-format, large-diaphragm valve mics when it comes to recording vocals, and the 22 251 delivers a lovely bright, clear sound that retains just the right amount of warm, harmonic richness to complement the source nicely, whether a male or female voice.
        -Hugh Robjohns, Sound On Sound 5-2010


        Headliner Magazine Logo

        The Peluso is very round and full. It sounds great on acoustic guitar and the three voices I tested it on. Short of the real 251, this is a great mic on it’s own and is very reminiscent of its older and more distinguished cousin. I think the world is going to stand up and take notice of this microphone
        -Henry Robinett, Tape Op, Issue #44 11-2004

        Cut Sheet

        22 251 Cut Sheet

        A one sheet .pdf you can save and share with the full description, features, and specification of this microphone.


        Peluso Brochure

        A .pdf brochure you can save and share containing cut sheets for all of the microphones we produce.