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Aron Manger with Spaga
“I’ve been hearing wonderful things about Peluso from peers and have decided to jump head first in the deep end. I was lucky enough during all of 2020 to borrow a friend’s vintage 414’s and KM 84’s for my home piano and am now looking to replace that setup with Peluso’s.”… and after setting up his Peluso P-84s: “Worked exactly as we had hoped!” – Aron Magner

The Philadelphia-based musician Aron Manger is best known as the keyboardist and founding member of The Disco Biscuits. Magner and The Disco Biscuits have been instrumental in bringing live and studio improvisational, electronic-based music to the forefront of the live music scene and, increasingly, to popular culture. Magner’s journey started with classical piano, but his interest was re-invigorated at age 13 when he discovered jazz. He then sidelined his piano studies as he explored improvisational jam rock with the Biscuits, but always maintained an affection for the genre. He is now going back to his roots, organically fusing jazz with his unique style with Spaga.

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