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Red Wing Roots Music Festival

For over a decade, Red Wing Roots and the Steel Wheels have presented an amazing variety of live music to our community!

In 2012 when I first read about the new festival that the Steel Wheels were planning to host, I knew we wanted to be part it. I reached out and Peluso Microphone Lab was the first to sign up to sponsor. The Red Wing Roots Music Festival is located at the Natural Chimneys camp ground in Mt Solon, VA. The atmosphere is relaxed, you just enjoy yourself from the minute you arrive. There is always great music on the stages, as well in many of the camps! I always like to take a hike to the top of the chimneys to get a bird’s eye view of the whole event. Music, biking, hiking, camping, great food, craft beer and a welcoming community all blend together into one of our favorite weekends of the year!

Each year an up-and-coming band is chosen to receive a Peluso microphone package. We’ve given away models including the P-28, P-84, P-87, P-414 and a CEMC-6 Stereo Kit to past artists. Additionally, we donate a PS-1 stage vocal microphone to be raffled off in support of local charities. After over a decade of being a part of this event, we are more proud than ever to be a supporter!

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