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FloydFest 2023
“FloydFest is proud to partner with Peluso Microphone Lab. The On the Rise Series is an integral part of the Festival and the Peluso mic package is a great addition to the professional careers of these artists! Quality standards are important to us at FloydFest and Peluso is no exception.” -Kris Hodges
Playlist: FloydFest BusStop

A few years back, we introduced our friends at Beehive Productions to the good folks of FloydFest as they were beginning to plan what would become The FloydFest Bus Stop! In the following years the Bus Stop has become a vibrant and integral part of the FloydFest experience. Each year a dozen or more bands get to stop in at the bus and record a song or two. Jeff & Sue of Beehive Productions produce the captured content into a series of beautiful videos! Not only do these videos capture the magic of each year’s festival, they also serve as a great promotional piece for the bands selected to record them. And FloydFest is all about artist development, so you’ll see the best of each year’s up-&-coming artists as part of this series.

Peluso Microphone Lab is very proud that every microphone used in these recordings is a Peluso microphone. We think you’ll hear why Jeff only uses Peluso microphones in all of his recording projects.

FloydFest 22~Heartbeat — Recap No. 1 — The Grass Spot

FloydFest has been bringing a world class music festival experience to our beautiful Blue Ridge Mountain community since 2002. In addition to the top national and international acts gracing the many stages of the festival, local and regional acts get plenty of stage time as well. One of our favorite parts of the festival is the On-The-Rise Series. These regional bands are in part selected through a battle of the bands style series of events throughout the springtime put on by Across-the-Way Productions. These bands then compete at the festival to get the most fan votes to win a spectacular prize.

The winning band is invited to come back the next year to open the festival playing a set on the main stage. They also receive a generous cash prize. Then they get to give Peluso Mics a call and select a custom microphone package. Some band choose mics to help them out on stage or to record their live performances. Some bands use them in their home studios to help them make professional quality demo recordings and albums. Some bands use them in their professional recording studios. However they choose to use them, we are proud to help outfit them with some professional tools to produce their music!

We offer a big congratulations to all the bands we’ve awarded prizes to over the years: Abby Bryant, Mason Via & Hot Trail Mix,Travers Brothership, Magnolia Boulevard, Rebekah Todd, Megan Jean, South Hill Banks, Dharma Bombs, Look HomewardThe MidAtlanticSwampcandy, Annabelle’s CursePaper BirdCrystal Bright & the Silver HandsLizzy Ross BandL Shape LotKings of Belmont, Avett Brothers & many others! Good luck to all of this years contestants!

We really enjoy sharing in the community aspect of the music festival. It is a great place to see the bands you’ve always wanted to see and to hear what the new bands are up to. Mostly it is a great opportunity to meet good folks who share a love of music!

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