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Siegfried Meier

Siegfried Meier
“It makes no sense to purchase “vintage” mics with an unknown history. Peluso microphones are in every possible way as good as what these “vintage” mics were when new, and there’s plenty of money left over to run my business and studio the way I need to.” -Siegfried Meier

Siegfried Meier is a Producer, Engineer, Mixer and Mastering Engineer currently based out of Ontario, Canada.  He owns and operates Beach Road Studios, a private recording compound featuring a large tracking room, a plethora of instruments and gear, separate artist residence and a high end mastering room all overlooking the sunsets and beaches of Lake Huron.  2012 also saw the inception of a smaller satellite B studio in Toronto aptly dubbed Beach Road Toronto, geared towards artists that need to work on a tighter budget.


Siegfried’s work with countless artists have made him one of Canada’s top indie producers.  As a Producer and Engineer, he’s worked with bands and artists such as Kittie, Woods of Ypres, The Dunes, Tom Araya of Slayer, Baptized In Blood, The Salads, Machete Avenue, Sector Seven, To Tell, Chasing Mercury, Article One, Thine Eyes Bleed, Breaching Vista, Dayna Manning and many others.  His work with Kittie on their “In The Black” album resulted in a 3 album deal with E1 Entertainment/KOCH (In Flames, Hatebreed, Slash’s Snakepit, Sinéad O’Connor) in the US and hit the American Billboard charts, scoring #18 on the Hard Rock Album charts and #133 on the Top 200 Billboard charts.  The band has domestic sales of over 1.5 million records and has headlined several major festivals 
including Ozzfest.  Their last release, “I’ve Failed You”, was named #3 in Canada’s biggest metal Magazine Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles Top 10 of 2011 and continues to garner critical acclaim.  Most recently, Siegfried’s work with pop singer Scotty James sits at #23 on the Canadian AC Billboard charts and continues to secure more plays at radio stations across the country.

Siegfried Meier’s Studio with Mercedes Lander drummer with Kittie

An avid electronics enthusiast (nerd), Siegfried Meier also builds various studio equipment such as mic preamps, equalizers, compressors, mastering VU meter panels, guitar pedals, control room monitoring devices and much more under the moniker Beach Road Electronics.  Taking heed of the wise words and practices of yesteryear, all of his gear is hand wired using only the finest quality components and circuit boards in the world.

KITTIE Cut Throat (new 2009!) Official Video

Pro audio equipment and instruments Siegfried endorses include SJC Drums, Noble & Cooley Drums and Heil Microphones.  He serves as a judge for the Juno Awards and takes part in various seminars as well as lecturing at The Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology from time to time.

The song and the emotion being portrayed is what comes first with Siegfried, and it’s the biggest reason so many acts have chosen to work with him.

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