Westlake Pro

Westlake Professional Sales

Westlake Pro is an iconic pro audio supplier and studio designer based in Los Angeles. With deep roots in LA’s music scene and a heritage that goes back to the late 60’s, Westlake Pro has equipped clients with the gear, design, and studios needed to produce signature sounds that persist the test of time.

From legends to garage bands, composers to studio owners, we’re obsessed with helping you create your iconic sound.

The Westlake brand has evolved over the years, from a small electronics company in Tom Hidley’s garage to three world-class businesses. Each is a staple in the audio community, and Westlake Pro is honored to be a part of this legendary pedigree.

The Westlake sales team are Peluso microphone experts!

Westlake Pro
1005 W Isabel Street
Burbank, CA 91506