Sound Pure

Microphones, Microphones, and more Microphones! Sound Pure came onto the scene around 2000, selling the finest high-end modern microphones being manufactured, and quickly became an expert in the field. We have stayed true to our original goal of representing the finest high end mics in the industry. We are on a constant pursuit for the finest microphones currently in production, and recognize that true understanding of microphone capability requires countless hours of studio time. Whether it is a ribbon microphone, tube microphone, small diaphragm acoustic pencil mic, dynamic mic, or whether it is for recording or live sound, the chances are, we at Sound Pure have put it through its paces.

At Sound Pure, we test, test, and test, and are always available to explain our results to you. We are always comparing microphones including the latest on the street and the tireless classics, and we have a true state-of-the-art recording studio inside our facility, dedicated to the pursuit of seeking the best mics for your wide range of recording applications. Whether your budget is big or small, and whether you are recording hip-hop vocals, or classical music, there is an expert at Sound Pure that can help you achieve the best possible microphone selection for your budget, and for your needs. At Sound Pure we don’t just sell gear, we use it in our own professional lives, and like you, we require the best possible performance for our dollar.

Sound Pure has posted countless YouTube shootout videos comparing Peluso microphones with other top quality mics. The sales team at Sound Pure are true experts in the field!

Sound Pure
808 Washington St.
Durham, NC 27701