C12A Post 6-Pin

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C12A or C12B Post 6-Pin, Kit includes: Extended post, Large locking nut, 6-pin XLR connector, 6-pin XLR connector cable end, Wires for connection to XLR  


C12A or C12B Post 6-Pin Modification Kit.  This modification kit will provide your AKG C12A or C12B with an extended post allowing easy mounting and a new 6-pin standard XLR connector. The extended post will allow you to mount your C12A or C12B with a standard small diaphragm shock mount (PSDSM) or hard mount.  There is no modification required to the original metal work of the vintage microphone. If you are not confident about making this modification yourself, we are happy to perform this service.  Just fill out a Vintage Restoration Request, we will send you an estimate and RMA number for the repair.

With this modification you will be able to mount your microphone using a standard hard or shock mount.  The kit provides a new 6-Pin XLR connection providing new life to your beloved older microphone. This kit also includes the compatible 6-pin XLR cable end to mate with the new 6-pin XLR connector.

A Shock Mount that is compatible with this modification can be purchased here.

If you’d like a custom wind foam designed for the traditional C12A, C12B & 414 style and sized body, those can be purchased here.

Complete information about this kit can be found here