Nylon Mesh Popper Stopper

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Nylon Mesh Popper Stopper


Nylon Mesh Popper Stopper, universal design.
A 7.5″ diameter nylon mesh in a metal frame on a 14″ goose neck that clamps onto your microphone stand.
Black Finish

The use of a good quality pop filter will  reduce the undesirable effect of plosive with your microphone.  Condenser microphones are, by the nature of their design, more susceptible to plosives than dynamic or ribbon microphones.  A strong burst of air directed at the microphone capsule can collapse the diaphragm against the back plate. This action is what causes the undesired pop sound associated with the plosives.  A pop filter will deflect the burst of air, preventing the popping noise. Additionally, the filter will deflect a great deal of the moisture that may come from spirited vocals. This prevents moisture from shorting out the capsule and the long term build-up of residue.