Peluso MX-56 Power Supply 7-pin

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Our Peluso MX-56 Power Supply 7-Pin is used to power Peluso 9-pattern tube microphones with 7-pin screw-on cable assemblies.


Our Peluso MX-56 Power Supply 7-Pin is the unit that is used to power our tube microphones that employ the 7-pin XLR cable assembly.  The unit features an indexed 9 polar pattern selector dial.  7-pin connection out to your Peluso microphone and a 3-pin XLR connection for signal out. On the back of the unit you will find a switch to select from 115 to 230 volt AC power to match you local supply. Also on the back is a heavy duty toggle switch to power the unit on/off.  Located within the UEC power input port is a small removable 250v glass fuse holder.  Within this holder is one spare fuse.  On occasion this extra fuse is a little loose & you may hear it if you roll your power supply from side to side.  This unit is provided with each new microphone we sell.  If for some reason you have lost yours, you may purchase a new one here.  If the MX-56 Power Supply that came with your microphone is not functioning properly for some reason, please submit an RMA and send it in for repair. We built Peluso Microphone Lab on the concept that electronics should be repaired whenever possible & replaced only when necessary.