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Warranty Form for your
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Peluso Microphone Repair

We design our microphones to perform for a lifetime of use. Occasionally one of our microphones develops a problem. We warranty all of our products for 3 year from date of purchase. For very reasonable rates, we will repair any Peluso Brand Microphone.

To have your microphone repaired, please fill out this simple form to let us know what problems you are experiencing. Often we are able to help get your issues resolved without needed to send it in for repair. If we need to, we'll issue an RMA number, Return Merchandise Authorization, and have you send it in for repair.


Vintage Restoration

Peluso Microphone Lab offers complete repair and restoration services for a most condenser style as well as other styles of microphones. All vintage repair cases are unique. First we'd like you to provide us with some information about the microphone you need repaired, and the problems it has. Be as specific as you can. Next we'll review this information and contact you to discuss your repair options. Please do not send us your microphone until we've verified it is a repair we can perform, and we've issued you an RMA number.

Neumann U-87 $450 Restoration Special

This restoration package can get your old U-87 back on the mic stand again!
-New P-K87 capsule, or re-skinned Neumann vintage capsules are available for additional $50 charge.
-New Audio Capacitors
-New FET if required
-Full electronic diagnosis and repair
-Switches, Body Parts, and Shipping not included.


Capsule Restoration

Peluso Microphone Lab offers vintage microphone capsule restoration. We can re-diaphragm your old capsule, or replace it with a new capsule, or provide you with a re-skinned vintage capsule. You can send us your whole microphone, or just the capsule. Use our restoration request form to tell us about your microphone and we'll send you a service request number (RMA).


Peluso Warranty

Now that you've recieved your new Peluso Microphone, be sure to follow this link to register your new microphone and activate your warranty.


PELUSO MICROPHONE LAB warrants that each product is free from defects in material and workmanship and agrees to repair or replace any part of the product which under normal installation and use discloses such defect, provided the product is delivered through the dealer or by the purchaser to PELUSO MICROPHONE LAB and provided that such examination discloses in the judgment of PELUSO MICROPHONE LAB that it is thus defective.

This warranty does not extend to any parts which have been subjected to misuse, abuse, neglect, accident, incorrect wiring, improper installation, or use in violation of instructions furnished by us nor to any PELUSO MICROPHONE LAB product which may have been tampered with, altered or repaired outside of PELUSO MICROPHONE LAB Authorized Service Centers.

This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied, and no one is authorized to assume any liability on behalf of PELUSO MICROPHONE LAB, or impose any obligation on it in connection with the sale of any product other than as outlined above.

This warranty is conditioned on and becomes effective only after the purchaser submits the completed form above, or returns the detachable card enclosed with the new product, within fourteen (14) days after date of delivery to purchaser from an authorized PELUSO MICROPHONE LAB dealer.









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