AKG Post Modification Kit

This AKG Post Modification Kit is designed to provide a new mounting stem and connector for the 1960’s and early 1970’s model C12A, C12B, C412, and C-414 Combo that used a the 6-pin proprietary cable. These models prior to the 1975 EB edition, used an integrated trapezoidal stand mount with a proprietary, 6 pin connector. For decades we have been seeing these come in to our shop with physical damage that was very difficult to repair. This inspired us to manufacture a custom piece to replace the base and give the vintage mics a stem to take a standard mount and standard 6-pin or 3-pin XLR connector. This beauty of this design is that it works without needing to do any physical modification to the existing housing. You can just un-screw and unsolder the existing base and connector wires, Solder in the new wires and install the new base. This modification kit works on all of the pre-C414 EB trapezoidal shaped AKG mics.

Do you need to decide if you need our 3 pin or 6 pin version of this kit? The early solid state versions of the C412 and C414 combo, did not use a tube and therefore only use 3 of the pins in their supplied 6 pin connector. These can have the 3 pin XLR base installed and will then cable directly to your mic preamp. So, if at the end of your original mic cable you have a 3 pin XLR that connects direct to your preamp, you have a solid state mic and will want to purchase the 3-pin XLR version of this kit. If, at the end of your original mic cable you have a proprietary 6-pin connector that attaches to your AKG power supply, you have a tube mic and will want the 6-pin XLR version f this kit.

If you are uncomfortable or feel unqualified to do work on your microphone, you can submit a Vintage Repair Request, & send it to use and we will make the repairs in our shop.

These modification kits will provide your AKG C12A or C12B (tube mics) or C412, and C-414 Combo (solid state mics) with an extended post allowing easy mounting and a new 6-pin (tube) or 3-pin (solid state) standard XLR connector. The extended post will allow you to mount your vintage mic with a standard small diaphragm shock mount (PSDSM) or hard mount.  There is no modification required to the original metal work of the vintage microphone.  Installation requires removal of the 4 screws securing the bottom half of the microphone body.  Existing wires to output connector need to be unsoldered.  Existing bottom connector of microphone is removed by unscrewing large nut of connector from inside of microphone.  New post installs as the existing connector was removed.  New wires from new 6-pin XLR connector need to be soldered to location where original wires were removed. Your un-modified original mic body is replaced as it was taken off and secured with original screws.  Always photograph parts as you take them apart in case you get confused during re-assembly, especially wire locations. Any microphone modification is to be performed by qualified microphone technicians only.  Do not attempt any modification if you are not confident and don’t understand the the inner working of your microphone. If you are not confident about making this modification yourself, we are happy to perform this service.  Just fill out a Vintage Restoration Request, we will send you and estimate and RMA number for the repair.

A Shock Mount that is compatible with this modification can be purchased here.

If you’d like a custom wind foam designed for the traditional C12A, C12B & 414 style and sized body, those can be purchased here.