Solid State Large Diaphragm Condenser

As tubes were widely replaced by transistors in the 1970's the 414 replaced the AKG C 12.
Looking over the long and complicated lineage of the 414, we wanted to reproduce what has been most loved about this fabled classic. We drew heavily from the 1976 EB version with the original CK12-style brass capsule. This brass dual-backplate edge-terminated 34mm capsule gave AKG microphones the detailed mid-range and shimmering high-end air they are most loved for. Four polar patterns gave it additional versatility. The highest quality modern components ensure a very low self-noise, essential in a modern microphone. We achieve our balanced output with a generously sized transformer, eliminating interference and distortion. When it came to the design of the body and head grille we knew durability was of paramount importance. We crafted our head grille, body and stem all of heavy brass and steel for maximum durability. This microphone is just as much at home in front of a passionate vocalist as it is a heavy metal drum kit. We have a deep respect for AKG and the microphone innovations they have pioneered. The Peluso P-414 is truly bringing the very best aspects of vintage sound to new life.
  • Large Diaphragm Condenser
  • Edge Terminated Brass Capsule
  • Solid State Amplifier Stage
  • Custom Wound Output Transformer
  • 4-Polar Patterns
  • 10/20dB Pad
  • Low-End Roll-Off

MSRP $1,410 USD

Microphone kit comes as a complete system including:

  • P-414 Microphone
  • Shock Mount
  • Hard Mount
  • Foam Wind Screen
  • Locking Padded Flight Case
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P-280 Open Top

P-414 Gallery

A closer look

P-414 Front
P-414 Side
P-414 Back
P-414 Inside Split
P-414 Open Front
P-414 Open side
P-414 Open Back
P-414 Shock Mounted
P-414 Full Kit
    P-414 Front
    P-414 Side
    P-414 Back
    P-414 Inside Split
    P-414 Open Front
    P-414 Open side
    P-414 Open Back
    P-414 Shock Mounted
    P-414 Full Kit


      A few details that make the P-414 so special

      P-414 XLR Conector
      A standard 3-pin XLR to connect to your cable.
      P-414 Foam
      A custom foam wind screen will reduce noise from wind and plosives.
      P-414 Capsule
      34mm edge-terminated CK12 Style brass condenser capsule
      P-414 Transformer
      Custom wound output transformer
      P-414 Board
      Hand-built through-hole soldered circuit board.
      P-414 Patterns
      The P-414 comes with four polar patters; hyper-cardioid, cardioid, omni-directional, & bi-directional.
      P-414 Pad
      The P-414 comes with a 0 / -10 / -20 dB pad switch.
      P-414 Roll-Off
      The P-414 comes with a 0 / 75 / 150 Hz low-end roll-off switch.
      P-414 Inside Kit
      The microphone kit come packaged safely in a locking flight case with laser cut foam to securely hold all of your components.
      3-Pin XLR Cable
      Our 3-pin XLR cable can be purchased here: in purple-green P-G XLR Cable; or here in black-red B-R XLR Cable

        P-414 Technical Info

        Detailed specifications

        P-414 Frequency Response

        P-414 Frequency Response Graph

        P-414 Technical Data

        • Capsule Type: Condenser Pressure Gradient w/ 34mm, edge terminated
        • Frequency Range: 20Hz/20Khz
        • Polar Pattern: 4 - omni, bi-directional, cardioid, & hyper-cardioid
        • Sensitivity: 12 mv/pa
        • Impedance: 200 ohms
        • SPL: 162 dB w/pad
        • Equivalent Noise: 12 dB(A)
        • Power Requirements: 48V Phantom Power
        • Connection: 3-pin XLR
        • Size: 114/188mm H x 51mm W x 38mm D
        • Weight: 490g


        Our community of artists, engineers, and reviewers have been busy putting the P-414 through its paces. We present the following content to help you better understand the unique nature of this microphone.

        P-414 YouTube Playlist

        The P-414 was used on the following sources in this playlist:  Hitching Post - male vocal & acoustic guitar; Head Movies - one P-414 two guitars & two male vocals; Little Nora Brown - banjo & vocal; Sierra Hull - vocal, octave mandolin split with P-84; Radio Jarocho - female vocal; Taylor Ashton - backing vocals; Rust Belt Fields - two P-414, all vocals; Gretchen Peters - female vocal; Pøbel - two P-414 on Italian dance tune from the 14th century; Robby Hecht - two P-414 mics on cello, guitar, male & female vocal; Until You Came Along - two P-414 mics on two guitars, violin, male & female vocals; Trey Hensley - male vocal; La Vieja - two P-414 mics complete ensemble; Missy Raines with Trey Hensley and Casey Campbell - two P-414 mics complete ensemble... and many many more!
        Click the YouTube Playlist Icon in the frame to expand to see all the videos of the playlist.

        YouTube Playlist Icon Small
        Playlist: Peluso P-414

        Spotify P-414 Playlist

        The P-414 was used on the following tracks:

        • Across the Universe - male vocal, Ukelele, drum mono overhead
        • Stayin' Young - male vocal
        • Hitching Post - male vocal, acoustic guitar
        • Make You Mine - acoustic guitar (middle mic of a mid/side), drum mono overhead


        Tape Op Logo

        The hype around the famous brass capsule is well deserved. The P-414 won head-to-head vocal mic competitions more times than not in my studio, and for good reason... The Peluso P-414s have quickly become the go-to mics in my studio... Do yourself a favor and pick up one (or more) of these immediately.
        -Slater Swan, Tape Op 5-2022


        Headliner Magazine Logo

        I would call the P-414 a resounding success! It sounds great, and might be my favorite model that Peluso has made so far. A pair of these mics would be a great addition to any mic locker, and will find uses on darn near everything.
        -Paul Vnuk Jr. RECording Magazine 5-2019

        Cut Sheet

        P-280 Cut Sheet

        A one sheet .pdf you can save and share with the full description, features, and specification of this microphone.


        Peluso Brochure

        A .pdf brochure you can save and share containing cut sheets for all of the microphones we produce.