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'Peluso microphones were the ONLY microphones used on the John Hartford “Memories of John” live recordings.  They were extremely essential to obtain the pure and natural sound of the stringband.'  

'Peluso Microphones are a necessity in my engineering career!'
-David Arnold
Grammy Nominated Recording/Mix Engineer


David Arnold is a freelance recording/mix engineer from Austin, Texas. He is best known for his work on the 'Memories of John" John Hartford String band for which he was Nominated for a Grammy in 2010. He started out as a drummer playing in both school and various bands. In his late teens he started to become interested in how records were made. After high school, David studied at the Sheffield Institute of Recording Arts. He took his knowledge he learned from there and began recording and mixing anyone and anything he could get his hands on. At the same time, he jumped into the pro audio industry to become more involved in not only the creative side of the music industry but also the gear and technical side. He continued to engineer freelance and work for some of the largest and smallest professional audio companies in America before starting his own company, Pro Audio Boutique, in 2010.

David continues today as a freelance engineer and mixer for various artists and bands. When he is not engineering, he continues to run his company Pro Audio Boutique and Distributes Peluso Microphones to Japan. He currently lives in the mountains of Eastern, Tennessee with his wife Junko and their cats. He enjoys traveling, cooking, playing drums & guitar and the outdoors when he is not working.




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David Brandon Arnold

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