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My earliest memories of making noise involve banging on the family piano along with the 8-track cartridge of The Sound of Music soundtrack. A quarter of a century later, I'm still banging on any instrument in my vicinity, but now into a Peluso microphone. Here's what happened in between.
Growing up in the mountains of Asheville, NC, I was exposed to all types of music, and I learned to appreciate the energy that a single guitar and a full orchestra alike can ignite. This energy has been my life blood ever since my Sound of Music jams. My father bought me my first drum set at 15, and I learned the energy of the beat. When my brother went off to college he left his bass behind, and I learned the energy of the note. At T.C. Roberson High School, I joined my first band, "No Outlet", and learned the energy of the song. After high school, I attended college at N.C. State University in Raleigh, NC, where I became heavily involved in theatre, and I learned the energy of performance. My mom sent me to college with a new djembe, and I learned the energy of the jam. In the dorm room, I acquired my first acoustic guitar, and I learned the energy of the chord. I formed a band, "glorydive", with college friends, drove our music all around the Southeast, and I learned the energy of the road. After one EP and two full-length records with glorydive, I learned the energy of the recording. Then I became a Blue Man in the Blue Man Group.
It seems that all of these learned energies have converged in my new life here in Boston, MA. As a Blue Man, I get to perform six shows a week for 400 smiling faces at a time, all the while using my learned energies of music and performance to spread positivity. Outside of the theatre, I have a new band called "The And Company" signed to my own record label, Carrot Policeman Records. We have recorded one EP and one full-length record titled "Look Up" (available on our website!). And now with my new Peluso P-12, there are many new projects on the horizon to tackle. In fact, I need to stop typing a bio and get to tracking. Good luck out there everybody!"


'Crunchy. Soft. Abrasive. Silky. Rough. Smooth. Whatever the intention, the P-12 delivers. I was looking for a workhorse. A microphone to capture the nuances of a male bass and an angelic female soprano alike. A microphone to glue the drum sounds together in a room while also maintaining frequency identities. A microphone to color tracks in the spectrum of the past while also bathing the sound in a new myriad. The P-12 is that microphone. I was hoping that the beautiful custom packaging and Peluso's attention to detail in service would be equalled in their product. My hope became a reality after discovering the unlimited potential of the P-12. If you're looking for transparency with a splash of color, I would say this is your microphone.'
-Brian Tavener







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