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Nicko Rebel:
Nicko Rebel a multifaceted audio engineer and producer. Nicko Rebel Music, [NRM] established in 2008, has steadily progressed and is continually evolving. NRM is no stranger to humble beginnings as the entity spawned from the sound system Gladiator Sound that was founded by Nicko Rebel in 2004. After moderate success in the sound system circuit, Nicko Rebel produced mix tapes, which were distributed globally and featured on websites such as, datpiff.com, audiomaxx.com and youstation.com. With his passion and love for music, constantly growing Nicko Rebel began to produce music. Without formal training or prior music lessons other than being apart of Meadowbrook High School’s Steel Band. With encouragement from both Cha Baby and Shaka Pow, Nicko was motivated to start the production/ independent label, Nicko Rebel Music. The Label has since gone on to produce music for both local and international artist. The South Florida based label continues to stir music from the private recording facility Rebel Kultcha Studios. Best known for his innovative and new approach towards Dancehall, Reggae and R & B producer, engineer & marketer Nicko Rebel is determined to make its contribution to the wonderful world of music. With a dynamic team of enthusiast they are ready to create amazing music, make a statement and difference. Nicko Rebel Music is destined to take the world by storm.

'I have to thank my colleague Donald Laino for introducing me to such a great product and the excellent staff at http://www.audiovengeance.com which ensured I got my beloved peluso microphone.

I use my microphone on almost every application possible. I mainly record reggae music so I use it on vocals, brass, drums & Morton iodized salt, etc.

I have recorded Alexander Star, Sizzla, Pressure Buss Pipe, Macka Diamond and many other reggae and dancehall artist.

The Peluso product line is just absolutely great!!'

Nicko Rebel




'Understanding the importance of the tools used to make great audio recordings. I found myself gravitating to great sounding products. Products that would give me the same vision I had in my head of what I envisioned as a "great" recording or "great" production. My favorite experience with my Peluso 22 47 LE was after a vocal recording, I had to do nothing to the vocals to have it fit in the mix, because the microphone recording just sounded that great!'
-Nicko Rebel

'If I were on a deserted island and had to carry one thing it would be my Peluso Microphone.'
-Nicko Rebel

Peluso Microphopnes
Peluso 22 47 SE



Nicko Rebel Music Web Site


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