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Aaron Chielewski



"I love my Peluso 22 47 SE. The classic sound that this new mic has is amazing. I've always been a fan of the sound of an old Neumann U47 on vocals. And the Peluso 22 47 SE is able to stand right next to a U47 and shine. I was amazed by how affordable this mic was and have been telling people about it ever since. Thank you for building such a quality microphone here in the USA!

I've recorded Phil Vassar, Randy Owen, Josh Gracin and new artist Kellys Collins through this mic and they've all loved they way their voice comes through on it. They have all said that they have never heard their voice sound better.

I recorded and mixed a Christmas album this year for Phil Vassar called "Noel" and we used the Peluso 22 47 SE on vocals and upright bass. Fans, radio djs, record label people and session players are all saying they have never heard Phils voice sound better!"
-Aaron Chmielewski


Aaron Chmielewski for the past decade has been living and working in Nashville Tn, as an audio engineer, working on mulit-platinum modern country, rock and pop albums. Growing up in New York, Aaron brings an intensity and passion to his work that only a true New Yorker can bring. He started off his career with an internship that then snowballed into an assistant gig with world renowned producer and engineer David Thoener. Learning under David, Aaron took his proven techniques and made them his own. Since then Aaron has engineered for many country and rock artists, including Taylor Swift, Collective Soul, Randy Owen of Alabama, Josh Gracin, Phil Vassar, Michael W. Smith, Mercy Me, Safetysuit and Sarah Buxton. Each year Aaron's list of clients continues to grow as more people start to hear the work of this young engineer. This year several acts asked Aaron to produce projects for them leading to one his artists, Kellys Collins, being asked to sing on the Grand Ole Opry. Aaron is only at the start of his career but he loves what he does and can't wait to see what the future will hold.



Aaron Chielewski With Peluso 2247 SE

Aaron Chielewski


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