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Ari Rios

Ari Rios at Laughing Tiger


Laughing Tiger Studios, A World Class San Francisco Bay Area Recording Studio

Laughing Tiger Studios is a place where you can relax and really feel at home while recording. You will find two, spacious world class studios designed with the comfort of the artist in mind.

All our live rooms have variable ambience and the control rooms provide accurate monitoring. Both studios have their own lounges, bathrooms and kitchen areas. There is also a shower.

Modern acoustic treatment and construction techniques provide truly exceptional isolation, acoustics and aesthetics. There are clear sight lines & multiple isolation areas in each studio


Ari Rios has worked with an amazing array of talented artists in many styles. He works in a variety of roles including: producer, engineer, mix and mastering engineer, as well as vocalist, musician, and writer.

Born in Havana, Cuba, Ari was influenced at an early age by the classic Cuban rhythms and melodies of the day. Ari immigrated to New York City where he quickly found his next musical influence, the soul music at the end of the AM dial. Later, a move to Miami exposed him to the University of Miami Jazz School. His desire to understand the business of music and the craft of songwriting next brought him to Nashville.

From there he went on to perform solo and to front bands throughout the southeast. During these times spent writing and performing, Ari rounded out his musical experience in Rock and R/B and was befriended, influenced and inspired by Rod Stewart and Duane Allman. Along the way Ari has also received praise and support from producers like Walter Afanasieff, Preston Glass, Narada Michael Walden and Jerry Harrison to name a few.

At one point, Ari's mentor Al Schmitt pointed out the option of a career in the studio. Ari immediately flung himself headlong into the task of mastering the art of production and engineering. Laughing Tiger was born from Ari's intense desire to have music remain the focal point of his life. In the studio he has found the place to put his varied musical experiences to work.

As a studio owner and Producer/Engineer, Ari has continued his work with established and indie artists. Ari's production style has evolved to reflect a rich blend of vintage and cutting edge technology that puts quality first. Additionally, he nurtures a network of writers, musicians, producers and engineers all dedicated to creating product worthy of recognition.

Terrapin Piano
Here's Ari's preferred setup for piano at Laughing Tiger using: P-280 pair,
P-49 pair & a Royer SF24 as setup here for the Terrapin Family Band.





P-28 Mic shootout:
"The Peluso P67's (U67 copy) are a very close match to a pristine pair of Klaus modified U67's. The Peluso CEMC6 (Shoeps copy) is really sweet. We all preferred it over the 452's on hi hat and ride and was also our favorite piano mic over TLM 103's, and U67's, The Peluso P28 used the KM54 tube mic for a model. It behaves like one and will be great where you need a mellow high end and a bump around 800hz to 1k. I'm thinking bottom snare, violin but haven't tested it there yet."
-Ari Rios

P-67 Mic Shootout:
'I just went down to Laughing Tiger Recording to shoot out vocal mic's. We tried a U47, Telefunken 251 and a Peluso P67 and the Peluso P67 won out! The U47 added a bit too much 2k presence and lacked the open high end of the other two. The 251 was sweet but added a bit more lo mids and the high end was a bit more peaked around 10k. Also, the proximity effect on the 251 was more pronounced which can be a problem and it had more issues with plosives. The Peluso P67 sounded sweet, smooth and open all the way up and in no way exaggerated. This is becoming my go to mic. I'm amazed by John's mics.'
-Ari Rios

22 47 LE Shootout:
'I shot out my U47 with the Peluso 22 47 SE and I've got to say that it stands up to the test. Virtually identical except for a bit more top end and less gain. The high end is totally pleasing, not a big bump at all... just open sounding. The lower gain is actually great since my particular U47 is a bit too hot and can overdrive a pre too easily. Oh yea, nine polar patterns are cool too.'
-Ari Rios


Ari Mic Shoot-out with P-67



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