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Black Circle Radio

Wendy Levin


Much like their fluidity from one generation to the next, a record spins on, track to track, baring intermittent snaps, crackles, and pops. Vinyl demands intention, perusing the shelf for one to match your mood; demands touch, pulling it from the sleeve, placing it on the turntable; demands connection, passing it along, one pair of hands to the next. Vinyl demands to be reached for and to reach you—music always does, doesn’t it? —carrying you to the first time you heard a record and who was by your side. This program bridges the gap between past and present through music, the people who create it, and those of us who listen. If you’re looking for somewhere to go, then by all means, welcome to the sound of your escape. This is the all-vinyl since 2009, Black Circle Radio.

Mitch Anderson is a radio disc jockey, vinyl record nut, vintage gear enthusiast, engineer, and someone who likes to play loud rock 'n' roll in his free time.

He has been the voice behind the all-vinyl radio program, Black Circle Radio since 2009. The program received a Michigan Association of Broadcasters Certificate of Achievement in the Radio Talk Show category while attending Central Michigan University. This is where Mitch majored in Broadcast and Cinematic Arts.

Black Circle Radio is live on Monday nights on Muskegon 100.9 WFFR-LP out of his hometown of Muskegon, Michigan. It is also live every Wednesday morning from his home studio which he broadcasts on the online radio station SoR Radio that he co-owns with a group of his university professors.

Mitch also hosts the all-vinyl podcast program for the vinyl subscription company Vinyl Me, Please called, “Stax of Wax”. This program focuses on taking a deeper dive into the different albums that Vinyl Me, Please sends out to over 25,000 record loving homes each month.

Before pursuing his independent radio career full-time Mitch worked for an Amazon owned company called Brilliance Audio where he recorded, directed, mixed, and mastered audiobooks and podcasts. This is where he logged many, many hours working almost exclusively in mono voice recording. This helped to train his ear to know what he truly wanted out of his own personal broadcasting microphone, and the Peluso 22 47 is exactly that.


At independent Black Circle Radio, Mitch uses the Peluso 22 47 for his broadcast vocal microphone. This is the perfect choice for this application. In the 1970’s German radio engineers began to modify their then vintage U 47’s to take out the steel tubes and install glass triode tubes. The glass tube did not have the same 'musical' quality of the original steel tube, but it’s clean sound and quiet noise floor were perfect for broadcast. Also, the capsule of the 47 can provide a proximity effect giving a sweet low-end boost perfect for a radio host vocal! Our ‘short body’ 22 47 is an ode to this era of the U 47 microphone. 



"After logging countless hours in front of the microphone listening to myself as well as other voice talent I became taxed with the boxy, at times over compressed sound of dynamic microphones. Many solid-state microphones were often too shrill on the high end, lacked depth in the throaty low-mids, and too harsh when handling the sibilance created by the human voice. The 22 47 provided me with the air, presence, fullness, warmth and fidelity I was looking for in my own voice that I couldn't find in other microphones, especially at this price point. After all, I'm the one who needs to hear it everyday so I better enjoy it!"

- Mitch Anderson



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