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Harold Thompson

Chief Engineer
Harold has over 35 years of experience recording multiple genres of music (including but not limited to jazz, gospel, acoustic, rock and roll, hip hop, folk, classical, bluegrass, and old-time) as well as live radio broadcasts.

Dave McDonald

Engineer | Producer | Musician
Dave has over 25 years of performance and studio engineering experience.

Todd Cooper

Operations Manager | Studio Drummer
Todd has over 13 years of experience in studio management and over 20 years of performance experience.

The unique acoustic design of our studio will differentiate your recording experience from any other studio in the state of Virginia. It provides a relaxed but controlled setting that advances musical communication and enhances the recorded sound while creating a setting conducive to creating music.

Our studio offers a wide variety of professional microphones,speakers, instruments, and computers, to accommodate any style of music. A set of Gretch drums and a beautiful Kawai grand piano are amongst several instruments available for your use.

Our staff is dedicated to making your studio experience a pleasant and productive one. We are glad to help in planning your project, hiring musicians if needed, and CD duplication assistance. We also offer sleeping accommodations if needed.


'2247 The small body helps in placing the mic on an acoustic bass. It has the sound of the U47 in a compact package.

2247 SE Great vocal mic. The proximity effect is quite pronounced and a great help in warming up a vocal by just adjusting the placement. This mic also shines in omni mode as a spaced pair over the drum kit. The cymbals take on a unique quality, almost creamy.

P12 This is the mic I've always dreamed of owning. The gentle rise in the highs is great on a lot of vocals, strings, acoustic guitars. It is my go to mic for spot micing soloists with an orchestra. What I can't do with the 2247 will usually work with the P12.

22 251 While I don't use this mic as much as the 2247 or P12 it can be a real problem solver for that odd sounding vocal, or for acoustic guitar that doesn't need the high frequency rise of the P12.

P28 This may be the most versatile mic in the Peluso line. The combination of the small diaphragm capsule with the tube creates a mic that will work on almost any thing. I am very fond of it for banjo, acoustic piano, acoustic guitar, close miced violin in some cases. I use them with omni capsules in a Decca Tree array for recording symphony orchestra or if the room is right a choir. The low end is massive with the omni capsules.

VTB This is good when a vocal comes along that needs some bite. While not for all vocals sometimes you just need an extra edge. This mic delivers this very nicely.

P-Stereo This mic is magic in an MS array over an acoustic jazz piano with the lid off. I also use it for choral and orchestral recording.

R-14 The classic ribbon mic. The extended low end is really great sometimes. It also makes a great guitar or bass amp mic. I also like to use a pair of them for room mics while recording drums. Orienting the mics different ways can give me lots of options.

TR-14 The classic ribbon sound plus the added bonus of the extra gain and impedance buffering provide by the tube.

SR-14 Great for drum overheads for heavy rock drummers. When I definitely don't need splashy cymbals this is the one.'

-Harold Thompson





Peluso Microphopnes

2247LE22 47 SE22 4722 251P-12P-28P-67VTBSR14TR14R14CEMC-6 SKP-Stereo


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