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'We recorded our last 3 albums with Jim Price at Maggard Studios and used entirely Peluso microphones'
-Blue Highway

On the New P-84:
'the new P-84's seemed to give a more balanced view of the guitar, a little more crispness on top without sacrificing any low end. Just a real nice balance that seemed to work great with my guitar'
-Rob Ickes

We at Peluso Microphone Lab are very proud Blue Highway choose to record their past 3 albums entirely using Peluso microphones!

Marbletown Through the Window of a Train Sounds of Home


At the 17-year mark, Blue Highway is indisputably one of the most esteemed and influential groups in contemporary bluegrass. The band's nine exceptional albums and compelling live performances give proof to the stellar reviews, Grammy nominations, and numerous awards earned by the band since it first took the stage on December 31, 1994, with the same musicians that comprise Blue Highway today.

With a deep bench of virtuosic songwriters, vocalists and instrumentalists, Blue Highway's hallmark is an unwavering commitment to the ensemble, the "democracy of the band" that makes Blue Highway a powerhouse.

Individually, Jason Burleson (banjo, guitar, mandolin), Rob Ickes (Dobro), Shawn Lane (mandolin, fiddle, vocals), Tim Stafford (guitar, vocals), and Wayne Taylor (bass, vocals) are masters of their respective roles. Together, in Stafford's words, they are "a democracy in the best sense of the word": five gifted artists selflessly merging their talents into a seamlessly brilliant group sound. As a result, the band moves from strength to strength, more mature and impressive with each new album.
Blue Highway has five gifted writers in its ranks. Rob and Jason turn out the heart-pounding instrumentals, while Shawn, Tim and Wayne give Blue Highway a depth of songwriting talent unprecedented in sixty years of bluegrass bands.

With ten highly-acclaimed albums to its credit, Blue Highway has garnered two Grammy nominations, a Dove Award, topped the Bluegrass Unlimited radio charts, and won numerous International Bluegrass Music Association awards. Refusing to coast on past glories, Blue Highway continues to push its music to new levels of accomplishment. Artfully balanced between tradition and innovation, it remains in the forefront of contemporary bluegrass music.


IBMA (International Bluegrass Music Association) Awards:
•Song of the Year (2008-Through the Window of a Train)
•Gospel Recording of the Year (2004-Wondrous Love; 1997-God Moves in a Windstorm)
•Emerging Artist of the Year (1996)
•IBMA Album of the Year Award (1996-It's a Long, Long Road; 2006, Celebration of Life: Musicians Against Childhood Cancer)
•Dobro Player of the Year (Rob Ickes) (2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2004, 2003, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996)

Dove Award:
•Best Bluegrass Album (2004-Wondrous Love)

Grammy Nominations:
•Best Bluegrass Album (2005-Marbletown)
•Best Southern, Country or Bluegrass Gospel Album (2004-Wondrous Love)

SPBGMA Awards:
•Gospel Group of the Year (Overall) (2005)
•Instrumental Group of the Year (2003)
•Dobro Performer of the Year (Rob Ickes) (2003)
•Bass Performer of the Year (Wayne Taylor) (2001)
•Guitar Performer of the Year (Tim Stafford) (2001)

Take a few minutes to hear the members of Blue Highway talk about their experiences recording their 'Through the Window of a Train' album with Jim Price at Maggard Studios in Big Stone Gap VA.



Wayne Taylor with 22 251
Wayne Taylor and the 22 251

Shaun Lane with P-12
Shawn Lane and the P-12

Tim Stafford with P-12
Tim Stafford and the 2247 LE

Wayne Taylor with 22 47 LE
Wyane Taylor and the 2247 LE

Rob Ickes with P-28
Rob Ickes and the P-28

Jason Burleson
Jason Burleson

Peluso MicrophopnesPeluso 22 47 LE Peluso P-12 Peluso 22 251 Peluso P-28



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Blue Highway

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