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Chuck Ebert

Chuck Ebert


A Grammy award-winner, Producer/Engineer Chuck Ebert has amassed over 30 years of professional experience working in almost every capacity of music production. As the CEO of Axon Entertainment, Ebert guides a team of industry leaders who elevate the work of today’s music artists from songwriting to recording, publishing to radio promotion, video production to touring support. He has produced/ engineered many Grammy nominated and award-winning artists including: Don Henley, The Dixie Chicks, Kris Kristofferson, Brian Setzer, James Blackwood, The Light Crust Doughboys, The Jordanaires, Ann Margaret and many more. He has also worked with ESPN, HBO, The Travel Channel, and the Academy Awards.

An award-winning record producer, songwriter, recording and mastering engineer, Ebert produced two #1 hits with country rockers East of Azle on amazon.com as well as produced American Idol country recording artist Tori Martin’s single, “Woman UP,” which landed Grammy contention in 2016. In 2017 and 2018, yet another recognition of Ebert’s talents occurred with back to back Grammy contending albums, “Hymns from Wichita Avenue” and “To Hymn be The Glory” by gospel recording artist Katy Gaby released on Axon’s new record label, The Cabin Record Co. His latest project with country artist Jeff Clayborn, just landed #19 on the European charts, Top 40 in the USA and broke on the Music Row Charts in only three weeks.

Production for Ebert’s latest projects have come from his cutting edge, world-class recording studio, The Cabin. The custom, innovative music studio designed by Ebert, offers state-of-the-art recording technology in a warm, log cabin interior. Musicians have called it 2,400 square feet of “pure recording bliss.” Others are also taking note as The Cabin’s unique concept and superior acoustics landed a feature in Mix Magazine.

Ever the artist’s advocate, Ebert’s expertise is highly regarded in the world of music production. When he is not producing in the studio or behind the scenes directing a music video, he can be found traveling the country speaking at various conventions, conferences and discussion panels. Above all else, Ebert values and appreciates the art of creating music and the dedication it takes to be successful in today’s music industry.


Chuck used his P-12 for Jeff Clayborn's 'Caddy in the Campground' vocals.



"Your amazing mics that I love so dearly were just used on Jeff Clayborn's new release "Caddy in the Campground" which is already hitting the charts NATIONWIDE! Proud to use your microphones on such a talented artist! His release "Good Bar Attender" (GBA) is a top 40 Texas Country hit already!"

"For the past two years, Christian/Gospel recording artist Katy Gaby has tracked on a pair of P12’s for back to back Grammy contention!"

- Chuck Ebert



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