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Devon Dawson

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Devon Dawson:

I'm a producer and audio engineer who grew up making punk and indie records in Los Angeles CA (cliché), who now works out of my studio in a converted, 100-year-young cathedral in Waltham MA (less cliché).

I've been fortunate enough to have been at the helm of a few albums you've probably gotten sick of listening to. 

Check out what's happening at my studio at beartonestudio.com.



"One of the dirty little secrets about u47s is that they rarely sound consistent. Older ones sound burly and muddy, while another mic from the same manufacturer and year is a sonic masterpiece. All the newer clones may be a bit more predictable, but they often lack the vintage vibe that makes you reach into your mic locker in the first place. The LE2247 is the perfect middle ground. Warm, pristine high-end, a subtle, pronounced upper-mid, and a well-articulated, usable low-end––and that's what you can expect every time you power on the mic. 


If you close your eyes and imagine the Platonic sound of a vintage u47, you’re likely hearing a Peluso in your head."

- Devon Dawson



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