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Domenic Sabol

Domenic Sabol


Domenic began his recording career on a Tascam 4 track with one SM 57 and a dream. Now he has no four track because someone stole it and the 57 is broken. "I still have the dream," he says, "but I don't remember it so well."

As an IMA award winning producer/engineer, the former co-owner of Ava Recording Facility has recorded a vast variety of musical genres, and his work has been released nationally and internationally with artists including Bill Boublitz and Robben Ford(Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell), Kathleen Smith, El Warren Weatherspoon (Santana, Heatwave) Nellie McKay, Leron Thomas (Lauren Hill), Frank Owens (Musical Director, Apollo Theater, Ret) The Escher Quartet, Composer Alejandro Rutty, Tanya Blount (Sister Act 2), The American Globe Theater, and many more.

Domenic also studied cello performance and music composition at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro's School of Music, and knows his way around a guitar as well as a studio.

As owner and Chief Engineer of Tympanic Media, he keeps busy with projects of all genres, tasked with everything from pre-production, tracking, mixing, editing, mastering and video post. When he's not doing any of those things, he spends his free time building DIY audio equipment and recording his own music, or retreats to the woods to fly fish with his wife.



"Everyone always comments on how great toms sound through the CEMC-6's. They are lively, athletic and dynamic in a way few other condenser microphones are on high SPL sources. You know you are doing something right when Tom Brechtlein says, "Wow, what microphones are those?!"

For the 22 47 SE, I kind of cheated and put in NOS RCA tube, making it a 22 47 LE, in effect.
I am fortunate enough to have a small stockpile of these old tubes, and found that the microphone sounds great with either the factory Peluso tube or any number of NOS tubes.
The microphone performs fantastically on vocals, acoustic guitar, cello, saxophone, you name it. It has a rich and warm bottom that isn't hyped, and enough detail and character in the top end to completely avoid any unnecessary processing after the fact. I can't wait to make it a stereo pair!"

-Domenic Sabol

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