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Gina Rogers

I spent many years acting on stage, film, television, commercials and in restaurants, before I found voiceover...  Since then, I've narrated over 125 audiobooks and at least half have been recorded on my Peluso 414 microphone.  

With over 100 titles ranging from non-fiction self-development, to steamy romance and angsty young adult.  Gina's warm and engaging style infuses passion into non-fiction.  Her years of acting on stage and in front of the camera contribute well to her ability to create distinctive characters that make her a sought-after talent in the world of contemporary romance and young adult.

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“I am terrible with technology, and know very little about audio engineering, so when my narration career took off I asked my coach how best to upgrade my recording set up.  She recommended I visit Vintage King and test out ALL the mics suggested for my vocal range, qualities, etc… Then, record a short sample into the top 3-4 contenders and post the samples in Facebook user groups where audio engineers and other listeners could help decide which mic sounded the best.  (Without knowing what brand or type I was using)
I tried about 20 different mics! 

Only ONE “SANG” when I spoke into it: The Peluso 414!  There were no contenders.  The engineer and I were laughing over how incredible the difference was.  I just love this microphone!"

- Gina Rogers


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