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Greenmount Studios is an independent recording studio set up and run by musicians. We aim to make the process of creating a record as natural, creative and as fun as possible. We believe in capturing the atmosphere of musicians playing together, not layering individually. We mix with the same ethos using a hybrid approach of both analogue and digital. We use the tape machine and the outboard alongside the console and the computer to get the best of both worlds. It’s all about utilising the classic analogue sound and combing that with all the advantages of the modern editing and automation possibilities. We pride ourselves on our vintage and classic equipment but most importantly we make it fun and we get one hell of a sound!  We are based in the basement of converted church in Armley, Leeds and have been here for the past few years.


Greenmount is now a very busy, vibrant company specialising in a hybrid stye of record production. We do have computers and Pro Tools and we realise the importance of using modern equipment, but we don’t really care about it in the same way!  We pride ourselves in our distinctive analogue sound and we have a way of working that is different to most studios.  We like to record music as live and as naturally as possible, through our 1970’s MCI console, to 2" tape (the secret to Greenmount's sound!).  We have a 1960’s 3M M56 tape machine that was built in the year that 16 track recorders were invented and we also have 2 other 3M M79 2” recorders, an Otari MX70 1” recorder and a Studer A80 1/4” mastering machine.




"We make a lot of of records here at Greenmount, many have which have been pretty successful however, you can never predict the outcome no matter how big or small the band. One thing has become certain though, that we will use our Peluso 22 251 at some point on every record. It has a clarity and sheen that always seems to find a place especially on things you want upfront in a mix like snares, strings or vocals. Highly recommended by us!"
-Lee Smith

Peluso Microphopnes
Peluso 22 251


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