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Joe Tansin

Joe Tansin of Badfinger


'During the recording for "Reflections of my life" I used a Peluso 22 47 SE for all the vocal tracks through a Vintech V-72 mic pre all were recorded flat.
The 22 47 SE really shines on Deans voice. The 22 47 SE has become my main go too mic for most vocal applications. And it also sounds great on acoustic instruments.'
-Joe Tansin

22 47 LE 22 47 SE P-12

Biography22 47 LE

Throughout my recording career that spans over 35 years, I had had the opportunity to use nearly every Microphone ever made. I have used all the classic German and Austrian mics. And I must say not all of those mics were good ones. Contrary to what many believe. Noise was a constant issue with vintage mics.

When I was shopping for a LDC (large diaphragm condesor) a few years ago I tried a lot of new boutique mics that were all basing there products on Classic Vintage Mics. Some of these mics were nearly as pricey as the vintage mics they were trying to copy. I actually brought in several of the most popular mics from well known manufactures varying in price.
Including Korby, Geffell, ADK, Peluso, Sound Deluxe. Using an Avalon M5 Mic pre. And Apogee rosetta AD /DA converter.

For my ears the Peluso 22 47 LE was the obvious winner. The mic was warm but not dark or murky like a lot of vintage 47's can be. The presence was smooth and the low frequencies tight and fat to tubby.
Since then I have loaned my mic to several of my friends one is a film composer he loved the mic the moment he heard it, dumped his Neuman and bought a Peluso 22 251.

For my ears you can't ask for anything more of a mic than a what you get from a Peluso 22 47 LE. It is a great mic at any price. Remember when buying a vintage mic 80% of what you pay for is collect-ability. I'd rather have a mic that is quieter, sounds better and is certainly more reliable.
-Joe Tansin

Dean Ford

- Joe Tansin and Dean Ford


Joe Tansin Vintage

Joe Tansin Vintage


Joe Tansin
Joe Tansin Library

Dean Ford:
Reflections of My Life

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