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Lizzy Ross
"Folksy, jazzy, bluesy in all the best senses of the words... a voice like cigarettes and the smoothest whiskey you've ever tasted."
-Stephen Markley, Chicago RedEye.



'Just wanted to let you know how much we're enjoying Peluso Microphones.
They are truly lovely.'

'Recently I've been using the CEMC-6 to record demos in my home studio. They far outshine the quality of the room'
-Lizzy Ross

The Lizzy Ross Band won a Peluso Microphone Package at the 2012 Floyd Fest Under the Radar series contest, Congratulations Lizzy!


Growing up in Annapolis, Md., Lizzy Ross didn’t have much in the way of musical role models. “When I got to North Carolina, I experienced what one would call a ‘music scene’ for the first time,” she explains. “I saw people making a living playing shows—original songs, not Jimmy Buffett covers—and the way artists work within communities to stay afloat.” It was an epiphany for a young woman who had long hoped that her passion for songwriting might someday be more than a bedroom hobby.

Ross began touring professionally with her band in 2009 and released a 2010 solo effort, Traces, that featured bluesy vocals, focused songwriting, and understated arrangements. Amazing then, that 2011’s Read Me Out Loud, takes such a leap. Billed to the Lizzy Ross Band, the record is a confident collection of Americana pop/rock. Recording at her home just north of Pittsboro, Ross spent the better part of six months fiddling with ProTools, refining tunes, and recruiting a gang of local musicians to lend their talents to the endeavor. The result is soulful and ambitious, an album made more believable by the work of a seasoned bandleader, not a fresh voice.


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The Lizzy Ross Band

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