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We were recording a new album and I wanted to use the Peluso P67 on the guitar cab, I had used one before and it was really amazing - Simon Law


Matt Schofield:
British guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer Matt Schofield is widely regarded as one of the most distinctive and innovative guitarists to have emerged on the world scene for several generations. He is rated in the top ten British blues guitarists of all time (Guitar & Bass Magazine) putting him in the company of such iconic names as Eric Clapton and Peter Green. In his relatively short solo career Schofield’s prowess as a blues guitarist has taken his band to twelve countries; seen him playing with iconic guitarists like Buddy Guy and Robben Ford; and brought him high praise in the Penguin Book of Blues Recordings as one of only two living British artists in recording history to gain a maximum four-star rating.

Simon Law and SVL Guitars:

SVL Guitars is based in the leafy countryside of Gloucestershire, a small operation based on great customer service and a quest for the perfect tone.

Simon Law set up SVL Guitars after having worked as a professional guitar repairman and amp tech for 16 years he became more disappointed with the so called ‘custom shop’ and ‘boutique’ guitars he was working on day to day

Each guitar is built one at a time from the very finest sustainable tone woods, every guitar is sprayed from the wood up with ultra thin coats of nitro cellulose, this helps the wood to breath and remain very resonant, absolutely no poly finish is used on the guitars at all, the necks are finished the same way, and then treated to a proprietary finishing process to give them a beautiful played in feel.

Only the very best hardware and custom wound pickups are used, electronics come from CTS, CRL, Sprague, Mallory and Switchcraft.



'The P-67 is just wonderful! Simply the most natural Mic we have ever used, totally effortless to get a great sound from anything, guitar, vocal, even snare! We need a 47 now!!'

-Simon Law
SVL Guitars
Manager & Technician of Matt Schofield






Peluso Microphopnes
Peluso P-67



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