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'Not only do we LOVE our Peluso microphones, but we ended up recording the entire vocal for our new album using a Peluso 22 47 SE mic, at the Jam Room in Columbia, SC. There is no auto-tune used on the entire album, just my voice and the Peluso mic (and a pre-amp, of course...) It sounds amazing.'

'I will be using Peluso mics from now on. Well done, what a great product you have.'

-Megan Jean


Hard-touring, foot-stompin', guitar beatin, upright lickin, washboard scratchin,' banjo pickin' madness with a voice like the devil herself.

Charleston, SC-based duo Megan Jean & the KFB arrange a demented blend of gypsy, circus, americana, and the avant-garde that has been captivating audiences all over America. The pair met in New York City in 2004 and quickly became disillusioned with the music-mill mentality that dominates the concrete jungle. Feeling lost in the shuffle, Jean and Klay decided to sell all their possessions, quit their day jobs, and hit the road full-time, focusing on the Southeast. Fourteen shows turned into 200 a year and a newfound home-base in Charleston's burgeoning music community. While on the road, the pair forged their unique sound, which has been described as "...a wealth of gorgeous tunes that brilliantly [merge] American roots music with exotic elements of Euro/gypsy styles." (T. Ballard Leseman, Charleston City Paper) Calling the road home on a "never-ending tour" with an anchor firmly planted in the Lowcountry, this transient duo has taken DIY lifestyle and transformed it into a kind of Voodoo that unites scenes, fans, bands, clubs and musical styles-all without the help of a label and fueled by sheer guts and know how. In April of 2012, Megan Jean and the KFB was featured on PBS performing an original composition "These Bones" as part of a music documentary series entitled "Music Voyager," which was broadcast internationally.  In July of 2012 they were the winners of the "Under The Radar Competition" at FloydFest in Floyd VA.




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