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Nathan Moore


When I first heard Nathan playing with ThaMuseMeant back in the '90s I was taken by his songwriting. Since then, I've come to regard him as one of the most prolific songwriters of our time. Nathan's songs chronicle our culture the way Woody Guthrie did. They capture our imagination the way Dylan does. They strike a deep personal chord the way that Greg Brown does. We're very proud Nathan keeps a few Peluso mics around to capture his latest musings.


"Many have come and many have tried, but we may finally have a storytelling successor to Dylan, Van Zandt and Cash.”
- Maverick Magazine

Nathan Moore is a true troubadour. His love of poetry, songs and mischief has shaped his colorful career.  From storytelling folksinger to rock band frontman, Nathan has done it all with a disarming honesty and lyrical revelry that few could pull off.  For the last two years he traveled the country playing only where invited by his fans on his revolutionary interactive Hippy Fiasco Rides Again tour. Who knows what he has up his sleeve for his next chapter?

In 2012 Nathan Moore found The End of his epic Hippy Fiasco Rides Again story. There is now a movie and a record in the works. For those that don't know, he and his crew (road manager Chad Galactic and merch girl Liz Bunny) toured without any gigs booked in advance, but webcasting themselves 24 hours a day. Those watching the webcast hosted shows all over america inviting Nathan to play in their homes, parks or other meeting places. Hippy Fiasco Rides Again encouraged everyone to bring instruments and play along forming what became known as the Moorechestra. This experiment in fan participation lasted for two years and the model inspired musicians and music lovers coast to coast.

A bearer of the coveted Telluride Troubadour Award (2009), folksinger Nathan Moore has been astounding audiences nationwide with his songs, his honesty and his storytelling magic for nearly two decades. And the well-spring of songs from “…a musician that is in a constant state of becoming, always in the present with wide-eyed curiosity,” (State of Mind) keeps flowing. As Jambase's Aaron Case wrote, “Nathan Moore…is one of the greatest songwriters we have and the faucet is always on pouring fresh songs out like water.”

The versatility of Moore’s catalogue and performing experiences is sometimes unfathomable. He’s been in a jam band, a string band, a rock band and now is on the rise as a solo singer/songwriter. He’s recorded twenty-one albums and shared the stage with an impressive list of talented artists (My Morning Jacket, Rickie Lee Jones, Greg Brown, Rambling Jack Elliot, Cheryl Crowe...) at venues and festivals all over the country. After touring relentlessly in the 1990’s and co-founding a small independent record label in Santa Fe, NM in 2001, Nathan returned to his roots in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia in 2006 to launch a solo endeavor. Moore’s 2007 solo album, In His Own Worlds, spent 21 weeks on the Roots Music Radio Charts, and his evocative one-man show that is an innovative combination of music, banter and magic has wowed audiences and garnered critical praise from coast-to-coast ever since. His last two records "Folksinger" and "Dear Puppeteer" are on The Royal Potato Family Label, and comprise some his best work yet. One music writer calls Moore’s performance on Folk Singer “…as proficient as Ryan Adams, as lyrical as Jeff Tweedy and as charming as a deadbeat cartoon character that wakes up, rubs his belly and leans into the day" (Relix Magazine)

'...was up 'til 7am playing with the mics! Almost texted you at 5am to say -holy *%#$ing halleluja-'


I have a lot of friends these days knocking on the door to play into these microphones...

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Nathan Moore

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