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Reflective Productions and Recording:
At Reflective Productions and Recording, we are in business to make your business work for you. Working together, we create the “Audio Signature”, that will make your company unforgettable, moment by moment.

Reflective Productions and Recording offers a full service digital audio recording facility with over 25 years of experience. Designed with quality in mind, our production staff specializes in audio signature/jingle production for television and radio. We also offer recording and production for demo recordings, CD releases, mixing, and mastering.

Using state of the art equipment, Reflective Productions creates musical recordings that reflect the uniqueness of your company! “Maximizing the Moment” by bringing total attention to what your company has to offer the listening and viewing public!

We have created the sounds that have made many companies visible in the minds of the public with memorable melodies and slogans.


Randy Seale:
Randy Seale is co-owner and an audio production specialist with over 25 years in the music production business. As an artist, he has released two albums – Pray and B.A.S.I.C. Information. Randy has managed a diverse array of clients – in both jingle and artist recording – spanning the Tri-Cities area of Michigan all the way to the shores of Australia and Ghana.



'I just received and started using my Peluso 22 47 SE and P-12 microphones! They are absolutely incredible! I've used the P-12 for vocals and voice overs on two jingle projects with amazing results! I just finished a background vocal session using the 22 47 SE with a vocalist that I normally use and the results made me want to rerecord all of the previous vocals that I had done using my Groove Tubes MD3 and my AKG 414 TLII. These mic's have brought "new life" to my recording experience! I'm going to try to purchase all of the Peluso mics in the near future!!

Thanks again for "better than excellent" products!'
-Randy Seale


Peluso Microphopnes
Peluso 22 47 SE
Peluso P-12



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